Year 4 Science

This week’s Science lesson saw Year 4 make links between their learning on Sound and their understanding of pitch in Music. An impressive number of children had completed their homework challenge of making their own musical instruments, and were able to explain not only how their creation made a sound but also why the pitch of sounds produced by different strings or items inside a drum might change. With increasingly fluency, all children were able to make links between the length and thickness of strings, the size of objects, tension of strings and other factors which can vary the vibrations needed to produce and perpetuate sound.
In Beam class, so many instruments had been made that we did not even get on to Part II of the lesson: exploring the powerful instrument that is the human voice and how this makes a sound. Beam will be learning about this next week, while Beech will be deepening their knowledge of the subject with further discussion and exploration. 
Well done to all Year 4 children who unleashed their creativity at home to make such fantastic instruments, and for being able to explain so well  what makes them work!

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