Year 4 African dance project

Our year 4 cohort were invited this year to take part in an online dance event ran by the creative arts
company, BEECreative. The children’s brief was to create a dance video based on the theme “A
postcard from…”. After speaking to the children and getting their ideas we decided as a group on the
theme of “A postcard from Africa”. The children then learnt authentic African dance moves and put
these movements to the African drum beats they have been learning in their music lessons. The
children have been practicing and polishing this dance and music routine since before the Christmas
holidays. Their stamina and concentration with the project has been fantastic.

The final product was filmed at the start of this term by Miss Evans and Mr Perulero. The children
filmed the dance and the music separately. The children created their own drum beat which they
perform their dance too. The year 4’s enthusiasm with this project has been amazing and I think that
shows in the video. Well done year 4 for your incredible hard work and determination to create a
fantastic video!

Bellow you will find a link to the “online gallery” including all of the dance videos. Many other
schools also took part in this project so feel free to have a look at the different dances! You can view
our year 4 dance “A postcard from Africa” on the online gallery for the next 6 weeks. Enjoy, and
once again a huge round of applause to year 4 for their brilliant work!

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