Year 1 Trip to the park

Last week, Year 1 visited the park to spot some of the plants and trees they have been learning about in Science. The children could name the parts of a plant and tree, and then had a go at matching the leaves they could see with the type of tree they came from.

It was also great to see them being scientists in the real world, demonstrating their learning with comments such as:
“There are lots of leaves on the floor, so this tree must be deciduous.”
“This tree is so big! That’s why it needs big roots too.”
“This tree looks like a Christmas tree. It must be evergreen.”

The children have also been planting their own beans. Mulberrys’ have grown much taller than Maples’ and the children noticed it might be due to more sunlight coming into Mulberry class.

We hope the children continue their learning and have lots of fun planting and growing exciting things over summer!


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