World Mental Health Day in Year 3

On Thursday 10th October, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. The children were invited to talk freely and openly about ‘Depression’, ‘Who can it affect?’, ‘Why does it happen?’ and ‘What should we do if we think someone is depressed?’
We reinforced the idea that is very important to talk to someone, whenever we are feeling down, sad or depressed. Our year 3 children were encouraged to share with the class what activities help them feel better when they may feel alone and sad. Some of them said they watch TV with their parents, others that they eat healthy snacks or that they just relax.
Year 3 children completed activities in class which promoted self-esteem, positive well-being and how we can look after ourselves and others.
We used ‘positive self talk worksheets’ to boost our confidence, self-appreciation and value who we are.
‘MENTAL HEALTH’ shouldn’t be a subject taboo for children.

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