When the world stopped, Central kept running

18th March was a date that will be remembered for a long time as it was informed schools in UK will be closed indefinitely. A new week began on the 23rd March and school looked anything but normal; cold classrooms, a quiet dining hall, soulless playgrounds and the photocopier not running as usual… The whole world stopped and that morning seemed there was no life inside the school when a few teachers arrived. However, everything changed in no time.

Following the Government guideline, the school remained open for a small group of children whose parents are key workers. This provision group has been kept opened over the last two months by our extraordinary teachers providing our pupils with the best opportunity to keep their learning ongoing. This mixed-age group came in that morning and settled extraordinary well. While the rest of the world remained at home, they unconsciously kept coming to school, although the school day would be nothing like it used to. Now, there was more PE time, more play time and teachers would be there monitoring and supporting while doing home learning work. It seems odd that our little superheroes adapted to the new situation at school in no time, they always find a new way to surprise us. Written work would label the mornings, alongside our well-known PE Joe Wicks to put a little bit of guided exercise every morning while Art, PE, games, Drama and Dance would tinge the afternoons giving the sense of calm, team spirit and friendship between all ages because it didn´t matter how old they were, they all helped each other and older children would become older siblings and took responsibilities of the little ones. And what about those lunch times where our pupils found a different side of our teacher with interesting and everyday conversations.

On the other hand, our adults at school, the chosen key workers kept waking up early in the morning to provide those pupils with the provision they needed. Mr Marks, Ms Rieger, Ms Aissaoui, Ms Champion showed what they are made of by pushing all their fears and anxiety away since the first day in order to take control of the situation and make things easier for our children. Not only have they been doing an outstanding work by coming in every day without any hesitation, but also by making the school a safe place and adapting their needs with no margin in time. I once heard superheroes don´t wear any cape, and our provision team showed one more time they stand out of this world. Needless to say, alongside our teachers at school, our brave Acting Head Ms Paalanen, our fantastic Mrs Oguz in the office and the kitchen staff played a crucial role during this time. Without missing a day, they kept bringing the burden of the school to their shoulders and running it as it nothing was happening.

Last but not least, I would like to make a special mention to those teachers from home who tirelessly worked around the clock to adapt school learning to home learning materials providing every child with the best opportunity to keep their learning on going with only two days margin. Since then, there has been NO a single day where our outstanding staff have proved how impressive and exceptional they are by planning new materials weekly, keeping in contact with children on Twitter, thinking new ways to improve the home learning material to make it more accessible to everyone and even working on different planning for specific children. This might sound easy for someone who has not relationship with education or school, but it certainly is an Impossible job that has been turned into a possible because of their tireless work.

Please, let me take my hat off to all the teachers and staff because we demonstrated we are not just teachers or staff working at school, we are incredible doing a job that only us can do it which makes our profession unique and extraordinary. My claps every Thursday were aimed to NHS, but certainly to you all too because without you, nothing would have been possible.

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