What has Year 4 been up to?

This week, Miss Khatun wrote to me to ask me a favour: “Could you please write a blog entry about what Y4 have done?”

Naturally, my first reaction was to splutter hot coffee across the computer keyboard and think “Oh no, what on earth have Y4 been up to now? Most of them are at home, surely?  What mischief could they possibly have managed there?”  (“Don’t ask…,” groan all y4’s parents). But then I calmed down, mopped up my coffee and decided to have a look at the journeys Y4, and the rest of the school, have all taken since the end of March.

And Y4 have been up to all sorts!  So many activities and adventures, I’d forgotten what you’d been doing right back at the start of lockdown!  In Spanish and French, they’ve played musical instruments and a lot of sports, and then had a well-earned lunch in a restaurant where they’ve been able to order all the food and drinks themselves.  In their guided reading and English, they’ve stalked a tiger through a steamy jungle, found a tropical beach where a girl plays carnival drums to huge acclaim, and written poems about clouds and snow.  They’ve met The Twits, an Awful Auntie and a Demon Dentist.  In geography, they journeyed around Europe and through extreme climates, and in maths they’ve journeyed through subtraction, multiplication, division and back again.  Science has helped them understand the natural wonders around them, and art has helped them demonstrate their amazing imaginations, from sculpture to collage.  And through their work in RE and PSCHE, they’ve worked on their understanding of the people and beliefs around them, celebrating and learning together.  How they’ve had the energy to do a Joe Wicks workout each day, I do not know…

And this made me think about the incredible times we live in, where each day is one of possibility – not just in our school work, but in our home lives too.  Lots of you have learnt new life skills, like making lunch or helping with the laundry, or working out the change for your parents when you go shopping.  Some of you have discovered new places on your walks or bike rides, or noticed how nature has moved on from buds and chicks to flowers and fledglings in the last couple of months.  Many of us have learned (or tried to) more abstract skills like patience, quietness, creativity, and kindness.  Every day we spend at home, even just playing computer games or watching films, teaches us something new: a new word, a new song, a new feeling.  Our minds are amazing things, they never stop learning, and even at night our dreams help us sort through the things we know, putting them away into different cupboards and boxes, storing them for when we can come together and share them with our friends again.

So it turns out we’ve all done an awful lot in the last few months! I’m sure Y4 and the rest of you have made a good deal of mischief in the meantime, but my hope for you is that you’ve made connections with your learning, and memories that will last a lifetime.  Keep sharing your activities with us, and your interests or knowledge, because the best way to learn is from someone who is interested! 


Oh, and Y4?  Shhhhhhh!

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