Welcome to the Open Evening

We are delighted to invite you to the first Open Evening of this academic year that will be hosted on Monday 11th November 15.30- 17.00.

On the day of the Open Evening, you are invited to visit your child’s classroom and collect them from the classroom. During the visit, you will be given an updated Curriculum overview for Autumn 1. This Curriculum overview will give you information about the topics and learning objectives covered in the first half term. The pupils have been given their own copy of the Curriculum overview and they have self-assessed their own learning in terms of these areas. 

Alongside the self-assessment, the Curriculum Overview will also have a teacher grade for Curiosity, Persistance and Attainment for each subject with a score from 1-3 (1= secure, 2 = emerging, 3 = not met and E= exceeding). These grades will give you an idea how your child is doing at the moment in each subject.

The Open Evening will also be a perfect opportunity to take a look at the work your child has already put in their Notebooks as well as have a chat with the teacher. 

We hope to see you all there!

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