Welcome to Google Classroom

As you might be aware, Central Primary school is setting up a new remote education platform called Google Classroom.
Google Classroom is a web service that provides us with a wide range of different options, that we can use to take your child´s knowledge to the next level and keep their learning ongoing even from home. It also allows us share documents and create quizzes that you can access from home. Using this platform will prepare your child for secondary school and for life.
At the moment, we are just getting started and we do understand this is a new platform for most of our children, staff and parents. Not to worry, as we will continue to share guidance on how to access the platform and navigate the platform from home. During this week we will also teach all the pupils at school, how to login to their classroom and how to use the website. 
To start with, we would like to share a couple of links to our YouTube channel where you or your child can learn how to successfully login on Google Classroom and change their password (if needed). As time goes by, we will continue posting more videos and giving tips and advice.
We would also like to ask your support in making sure that our pupils stay safe and are responsible and kind also online. We will continue to teach this at school but will need your support at home as well.
Hope you enjoy the new platform!

How to login on Google classroom


Change your password

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