Welcome Letter 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted to welcome you to the 2019 – 2020 academic year at Central Primary.

It is an exciting year for us as we are working on some great new projects that we believe will be of significant benefit to your child’s learning and development.

The first exciting development has been the construction of the new adventure park. We were very lucky to secure a significant grant to help us build this new section of playground and we are sure you will agree; it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Crucially, it has been designed to keep the children active. It will help them climb, exercise and build their strength and fitness. We will be showing the children how to use it safely over the first few days of term. We anticipate it will be quite popular. We hope to open it officially in a few weeks.

Those of your that follow our twitter account @CentralPrimary will have seen that our new notebooks have arrived. Over the summer term, we explored developing a notebook approach to our pupil books and we have now rolled this out across the school. We want the notebooks to be a reference guide for pupils, so they can find and revisit their learning. This revisiting will help them secure their learning and complete more complicated learning in subsequent lessons. We have upgraded the quality of our books because we really want pupils to see them as important learning tools and take pride in their work. We are looking forward to sharing some of these notebooks with you as we start to use them.

Over the past year we have been improving and developing our behaviour policy and systems. Even though behaviour management was an outstanding aspect of school, we felt it important that we were responsive to the origins of behaviour and were more pro-active in promoting pro-social (positive) behaviours. We will continue to manage behaviour well, but we will be focusing increasingly on pro-social behaviours and recognising the individuals within our school who demonstrate ‘kindness’, ‘fairness’, ‘curiosity’, ‘forgiveness’ and ‘hope’ in their day-to-day work. When we recognise a pro-social behaviour your child will receive an ‘Affirmation Card’ telling them and you about the pro-social behaviour.

Helping children to talk and listen more effectively is another area of focus for the school. We have been developing our knowledge of Oracy skills and will be working on helping children work in pairs across the school. There are different roles in Oracy work, from ‘Summariser’, ‘Reporter’, to clarifier, and we will be helping your child learn about these roles and how to listen and talk effectively.

These aspects of our plans are really exciting but we will always continue to be focused on raising standards as a school. Reading is an area that we need your help to develop. It is important that every child reads every day at home. You can join the local library for free and via their app ‘Borrow Box’ you can access a range of children’s books. There are audio books as well which your child can listen to while looking at the book. Reading is fundamental to educational success so please do support your child with reading this year.

We would like to invite you all to a welcome meeting during the first couple of weeks. A separate letter will be sent to each year group. These meetings will give you more specific information about how we are planning to keep you informed of your child’s learning and what your child will be learning in school.

You may notice that Dr Mynott isn’t around at the very beginning of term. He is presenting at the World Association of Lesson Study’s annual conference, in Amsterdam, this week. Sharing some of his recent research into how teachers apply their learning from Lesson Study into their own work. He will be back in school on Friday and is looking forward to seeing everyone.

If you have any questions, or queries please do speak to us in the mornings/ evenings at the school gates, or make an appointment via the office.

Yours sincerely,

John Mynott                                      Mona Paalanen                               Tammy Perry

Head Teacher                                   Deputy Head Teacher                     Assistant Head teacher

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