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In Walnut class, we have had lots of fun learning in many different subjects this year. As the year is coming to an end we wanted to recap some of our favourite moments and memories.

Art at Central has always been creative and fun. In autumn, we looked at some of the work of Hannah Hoch and were inspired to create our own pieces. Our focus was expression and how artwork can show this, we used various magazines and newspapers to create unique pieces. Take a look at some of them!During spring, we had a lot of fun coming in dressed up as our favourite book characters on World Book Day. Can you guess some of the characters we dressed up as? We spent some time writing our own scripts from a book and using role play to act out some scenes.


In year 5, we were lucky enough to take part in the K’Nex challenge. We had a real architect come in and teach us all about different types of bridges and how they are built. Our task was to work in pairs to create our own bridges; they had to be creative, be able to carry heavy loads and be strong enough to stand on their own- just like a real bridge.

More recently, we took part in Central Primary School’s sports day. We spent lots of time practicing our skills ready for the day, including javelin throwing and relay racing. We had so much fun competing in the different activities and were so excited to have our peers and parents cheering us on. Well done Squirrels.

To wrap up History in year 5, we learnt all about the Victorians. We learnt about Victorian lives and how they were so different from ours now. We also learnt all about the Industrial Revolution and all the key inventions that came about during this era. Here is a class display we created that will tell you everything you neetd to know about the Victorians. Can you think of some differences between Victorian children and yourself?



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