Travelling around the world at Central!

Several years ago, we had staff training about ‘thinking big’. One of the ideas was to use a large world map and match the correct photographs, items or text to the continent. This could be food, languages spoken, landmarks, weather, animals and many more. This training inspired me to ‘think big’ when planning lessons to be engaging and memorable.

Therefore, the last thing I wanted to accomplish as Humanities Leader was installing a world map onto the playground at Central. My hope is that this will enable children across the school to use this in a wide range of lessons to enhance learning and make learning fun and memorable.

This will be an excellent tool for learning about where the world’s continents and oceans are, plotting the tropics and equator, identifying which continents belong to which hemisphere as well as locating the Prime Meridian. It can also be used in position and direction lessons in Maths for children to apply their knowledge of this in a cross curricula context. In Science, children could think about the physical characteristics of a country such as climate, terrain and access to water and food sources to consider suitable habitats for different animals. There really are endless possibilities with this new wonderful resource.

We are really thankful to the school’s PTA who have really kindly funded this exciting project. Thanks to their generosity, all of our children will now be able to access a large world map to learn about the world around them in lessons and consolidate this learning during play time.

Thank you also to First 4 Playgrounds for installing this wonderful resource for our school community to use in many years to come.

Mr Beach

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