Transition morning

Yesterday we had our Transition morning. This year, the teachers moved around to go spend the morning with their next year’s class. We had the opportunity to invite all of our new teachers to spend the morning in with their new class as well.

This is what some of the teachers got up to with their new classes:

Willow Class 2021-2022 with Miss Myllymaki:

In Willow, we created self portraits to tell our peers and our new teacher more about ourselves. In addition, we had a thought on what future Willow will be like and used these to create our classroom rules. Lovely, laugh-filled morning!

Oak Class 2021-2022 with Mr Marks:

I had a lovely morning meeting willow class and welcoming them to Oak class for next year. We had some wonderful discussions to get to know each other and the children made their own ‘oak class wall of fame’ stars.

Pear Class 2021-2022 with Ms Valean

In Year 1 , we really loved playing a “guessing game” getting to know our new teacher. Then, we all created an ‘All about me” profile and a portrait of ourselves.

Apple Class 2021-2022 with Miss Abraham

The new Apples-to-be had an exciting morning to prepare for Year 3, featuring a quiz about Miss Abraham, a game of Switch to find out what we had in common, and the creation of our ‘all about me’ cubes!


Beech Class 2021-2022 with Ms Zimmatore:

During Transition morning, our new Beech Class enjoyed getting to know each other by sharing ‘all the things we couldn’t imagine life without, creating our class rules for September and reading the first two chapters of our class novel, Malamander!

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