This week in Y4 Beech class

Beech class has been incredibly busy this week – we’ve created a bright and (fairly) tuneful orchestra of stringed instruments in our DT project this term, and put the finishing touches to our creations on Thursday.  Check out the photo!  We’ve also come to a brilliant cliff-hanger in out guided reading book, The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman, and have been making predictions about what will happen next.  The book features pirates, a volcano and a talking elephant, so anything could happen!

Maths has seen us mastering division, using our sharing and grouping strategies.  This is something we can all practice at home using the things around us, so we hope your children will be eager to share their learning with you. 

Finally, we’ve been talking about hopes, dreams and goals in PSHCE, and it’s been fantastic to find out what Beech class want to achieve at school and when they’re adults – they’ve also been sharing their interests in Computing by planning their first blog posts, about the things they love and the many activities they get up to outside of school.  Seeing the children’s dreams in writing has been a highlight of our week – we can’t wait to see what they can achieve before the end of term!

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