There’s no place like home

Schools are vibrant places, full of life, energy, happiness and learning. They are safe places full of warmth, 

excitement and opportunity. To many, including myself, Central is another home and it feels strange not being there. From conversations I have had with colleagues based at school, the building is a very different place without everyone who should be there not being in it.

The concept of schools closing is a very unfamiliar feeling to most of us. Since World War Two, the UK has not had to close the doors of schools like we have today.  It does to many feel that the key parts that make up our community (teachers, parents and children) have been separated. However, the phrase ‘closing the door’ is one I do not like and feel that although physically the doors may appear closed, we are still very much open just in a different way.

Part of our school creed states  “As many hands build a house….So many hearts make a school”. To me this really shows that although the building is there, the hearts that make our school are what is most important and make it feel like home. Without a heart, we cannot live or function. However, our school has continued to function so well under such extreme circumstances. Without the warm hearts from everyone pulling together in times like this, I think we would have felt more distant from each other.

We all eagerly want to get back to school. Life without schools is just not the same. However, for us to get home in a safe way, we must continue to follow the government advice. Often, we hear that difference between a house and a home is ‘love’. To show love to each other, we must keep each other safe by following the advice.

I very much look forward to returning to my second home, Central. However, whilst I may not be on site, I still feel very much at home with Central’s community.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Beach

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