There are endless ways to be a Lion!

This term, all year groups have been completing the next Jigsaw piece in our PSHCE curriculum ‘Celebrating Difference’. 
Year 2 have been looking at how we are similar and different and celebrating our differences. We have also explored what ‘assumptions’ are and how we can avoid them making assumptions. 
To understand this tricky word, we came up with words that describe a lions character. We came up with ‘fierce, strong, scary, ferocious and mean’. We then listened to the story ‘How to be a lion’ by Ed Vere. In this story we meet a lion called Leonard. Leonard is not fierce, ferocious or mean. He makes friend with a bird and is kind, gentle and friendly. 
We reflected and realised how easy it is to make an assumption and how important it is to think and reflect that we are not all the same and we should not assume things about each other based on different factors. 
We were so proud that Leonard stood strong and was proud to be himself and not feel he had to change to be like some of the other lions. 
Here are some powerful quotes that capture our learning:-
 “Strength lies differences not similarities“Stephen Covey 
“You can’t make a difference unless you’re different” Chris Hoobes 
“Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” Dr Seuss

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