The Gents performing for Year 6

Yesterday, Year 6 had the absolute pleasure of meeting and being sung to by The Gentlemen of St John’s – The Gents- who are a singing group from Cambridge University. The Gents, sing in church every day except Mondays and when they are not studying (or playing football they proudly told us!) they travel to
different schools to perform and inspire!

They began their performance by singing The bare necessities from The Jungle Book –head over to Twitter to see that being performed! The children then learned about the different male singing voices used to create harmonies. These consisted of; baritone, tenor, bass and alto. Year 6 worked through the three most important steps to performing, these are; preparation, breathing and focus. Using these steps, we warmed our voices up and learned a short song.

They then put this song into rounds. The Gents separated the children into three groups, with two of the singers leading a group. The song sounded fantastic and The Gents were incredibly impressed with the listening and performing of the Year 6s.

What a brilliant morning spent listening to live music after all this time!


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