The Creative Arts are in full swing across the school!

In Art across the school we have been exploring how colours and emotions link. In Key Stage 1 we have been looking at the work of Odilon Redon and his interesting use of pastels and creating our own cityscape silhouettes, we have also been creating our own Pop Art! In Key Stage 2 we have been looking at the work of Hannah Hoch and creating our own collage Art, exploring Mosaics and emotional portraits. 


In Music we have been having a great time during our singing assemblies. Mrs Guthrie has taught us a variety of songs and vocabulary to use within our in class lessons. In Year 2 we have been incorporating our acting skills into our singing of the ‘Three little birds’ and in Year 3 we have been singing a traditional Ghanian song where one child is the leader and the other repeats the leader. 

In D&T Year 6 have started their exciting project with the Young People’s Puppet theatre. So far they have moulded some incredible character heads out of clay. Year 5 have been designing their own Japanese Obi’s and Year 2 have been tasting breads ready for creating their own decorated Focaccia. In Year 4 we have been planning our Greek buildings ready for modelling next half term. We looked at architectural 3D models and plans to aid our designing.

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