Talk talk talk!

Oracy is defined as ‘the ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech‘. Oracy is commonly viewed as being as important to teach children as it is to teach them English and Maths lessons.  We have been introducing Oracy into our curriculum this year and it is a vital part of our school development plan for next year.
Dr Mynott, Mr Beach and Miss Rieger have been part of a lesson study this year. We wanted to explore Oracy in Years 2,4 and 6 and ways we can use this in your child’s classroom to improve outcomes. We all learnt lots about Oracy and are excited to roll this out to the whole school next year. 
So much research shows that teaching and developing Oracy can ultimately improve  attainment in writing and raise standards across the curriculum. Mr Beach has been using Oracy in lots of humanities lessons and has seen so much progress in the children’s ability to express their views in a sophisticated way and be able to work in pairs, share to the class by ‘thumbing in’ and active listening. 
At home you might encourage your child to develop the way they speak when talking about their reading book by remodelling sentences they say for example:
‘He is a kind character’ to  ‘I think he is a kind character because…’
You might like to encourage your child to explain their views on a subject by asking them if they agree or disagree and give reasons why they think this. 
We look forward to sharing more of our work on Oracy in September!

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