Summer term in Year 5

We have had an exciting time in Year 5 during Summer 1. We have enjoyed many creative lessons, being able to express ourselves in different ways and enjoying the learning that has come with it.
In Art we have been looking at Botanical Ceramics. We were inspired by the work of Hitomi Hosono and Vanessa Hogge and how intricate and detailed their work was. After exploring the meaning of ‘botanical’ and closely observing their work, we created our own botanical ceramics using different tools and texture!
During Maths this half term we have been learning all about geometry. It has been so much fun and all classes worked so well by using the skills learnt to identify and draw different shapes. We are currently learning about angles, measuring and identifying the type of angle using mathematical language and now we have begun drawing them. The classes were so excited when they got to use protractors for the first time!
PE has been great fun too. We are practising cricket where we have found that catching and throwing a cricket ball is not as easy as we first thought!
Science has been fascinating this term. We have been comparing the life cycles of different living things and have been using our research skills to find out about and compare the life cycles of different insects, amphibians, birds and mammals. Some of us even completed extra research at home.
Did you know Central Primary school was built during the Victorian era? There are clues around the school if you look closely! Year 5 have been thinking like historians using a range of primary and secondary sources to find out about the history of Central Primary school and what life was like for children of school age. 

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