Stars of the Week 27th May

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Mario for having a fantastic attitude to learning and for trying really hard in Music this week. Mario always has a smile on his face. Fantastic! 

Ivy for always displaying positive behaviour. Ivy is a pleasure to have in the classroom. She is polite and helpful to both adults and children. Well done!

Acorn Class

Aria for working really hard on your sentence writing. You have been using capital letters, connectives and full stops. Well done!

Alexander for working really hard on your subtracting in Maths and for your amazing reading. We have loved your confidence this week Alex. Keep up the great work!

Alisha for working really hard in your phonics sessions. You have been a ‘sounding out’ superstar and we have been so impressed by your reading and writing. Well done!

Conker Class

Lilly – For growing in confidence everyday. Lilly  tries exceptionally hard in every subject but specifically in Phonics. It is so lovely to see Lilly progress. Well done Lilly!

Jayden – For being really brave this week. Jayden is always following the behaviour rules and is so eager to learn! He is a role model to have in class. 

Sumaya – Sumaya has tried so hard to do so much writing during Skills. She produced a superb recipe about making Cheesy Pasta during Skills and even explained the importance of eating healthy foods. Amazing!

Maple Class All of Maple Class – your hard work and persistence this half term has been lovely to see. The work you are producing and the care you take over it is great and improving every day! I have been especially impressed with your singing this week!
Mulberry Class

Ethan- for his great persistence in his extended writing this week!

Christiano- for great effort in all of our lessons especially phonics! Keep up the good work!

Pear Class

Shahid- For his great work in Math and English this week!

Raesha- For thumbing in more during lessons to share her great ideas!

Pine Class

Abdul Mannan- For amazing effort with his double page spread during our Geography Enquiry. Well done!

Jayden- For having a very positive week and being kind and helpful. Well done!

Apple Class The whole of Apple class for being so accepting and inclusive during our discussion text English unit. It has been wonderful to experience your enthusiasm and the confidence with which you have justified your views and tackled gender stereotypes.
Ash Class The whole of Ash class for showing compassion, being kind to each other and helping others when they were in need. We’ve been really impressed with the improvements in your prosocial behaviour this week.
Beam Class The whole class – The children showed perseverance to overcome difficulties and challenges and curiosity to learn more about the Early civilization of America alongside hard work during the morning subjects. It has been an outstanding week for the class and we celebrate everyone’s work with tons of affirmation cards and the star of the week!
Beech Class Gauri and Fateha- Both of you have produced well written narratives, which included similes and personification. I am so impressed with both of your efforts and participation during our English lessons alongside acting on verbal feedback! Well done!
Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

All of Walnut class for their mature and sensible attitude during the fire drill. 

Willow Class / Wisteria Class

The whole of Willow/wisteria (The Evergreens) for merging into a one group succesfully, being kind, patient and considerate towards one another in a small space and for exemplary behavior during the surprise fire drill. 

Chestnut Class The whole of Chestnut class – it has been some really intense three weeks of hard work to put together an amazing show! Well done for taking on every bit of feedback that was given to you and for working together as a team. You have shown that when you focus, the results of your work are outstanding. I am very proud of all of you!!
Oak Class  The whole of Oak class – for putting on an amazing puppet performance. Each of you was integral to the show and I couldn’t be prouder. You’ve worked so hard and put so much attention and focus and dedication into this project. Well don’t each and every one of you!!!
Forest Class Mya- we are so proud of your positive attitude to learning. Your determination to succeed is fantastic and is really paying off!

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