Stars of the Week 9th December 2021

Stars of the week 9th December 


Andy – For focusing on his writing and trying to keep his words on the line. Andy has been working hard to ensure that he is taking his time when writing and using his writing checklist for English. Well done Andy, keep up the hard work.

Amina – For thinking about what she wants to write before she writes it. Amina has been remembering facts about the solar system and has been including them into her writing about space in English. Well done Amina.


Malaika- For showing so much kindness to other members of Mulberry Class. She always makes sure children have someone to play with at break times and is very helpful in the classroom.

Sem- For his amazing progress in Phonics. He has shown good fluency when reading with an adult and is sight reading high frequency words. Keep up the good work.


Anaya- for her curiosity and great understanding of grammatical features shown in our English lessons.

Noemi – for her great mathematical understanding and reasoning skills shown in Maths.


Ioana- for your hard work on your handwriting this week. We have been so impressed

Viaan- for your great independent writing and oracy skills this week. 


Benjamin – for your fantastic attitude to learning in maths this week. Well done for working so hard on your presentation, being persistent and showing excellent understanding of multiplication and division.

Sofia – for being an extremely kind member of Apple class and demonstrating all the school learning behaviours. You always work well with your partner and others on your table, and are focused and persistent with your independent work.


Akshobhya- For his participation and understanding in English. I was really impressed with you being able to identify adverbs and time connectives in our model text. Well done.

Teagan- Your continuous effort in lessons. You have been working extremely hard to express your ideas in all lessons, even when you are not sure you still have a go. Well done.


David – Making the right choices this week. David has been a role model on numerous occasions and he has been able to turn his behaviour around to be amazing.

Kelly & Gaurave – for reading regularly at home and signing their planners. They clearly enjoy reading at school but they always find time to continue reading at home daily. What a great two stars!


Daniel- For being so kind and helpful to others and showing great resilience in his learning.

Sienna – For trying her best to avoid distractions and focussing on doing her best work. For showing great resilience and coping with changes so well.


Maya- for being polite, hard-working and persistent ALL the time. Maya is an excellent role model, keep it up!

Ali- for excellent work in science this week, showing brilliant knowledge of space! Keep up the hard work Ali 


Sasha and Adrian- for taking greater responsibility for their learning, showing enthusiasm, listening and sharing. 


Teyah – for excellent use of relative clauses in English.  Well done.

Chris- for creating a super poster in Geography.


Charlie – for exhibiting excellent patience when working on his puppet’s costume. It’s a tricky skill but Charlie kept at it and has created an excellent puppet.

Megi – For always having a wonderfully positive attitude.

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