Stars of the Week 8th September 2022

Stars of the week 8th Sept 2022



The whole of Maple class for settling into Year 1 so well. Maple class have been very curious this week and have loved exploring their new classroom. They have been very kind to each other. They have shown great persistence when some of the learning was a little challenging. Well done Year 1 for a great first week. 



The whole of Mulberry for settling into Year 1 so well. You have all demonstrated such kindness and curiosity within your learning. We look to all the opportunities and future learning during the rest of the year. Well done.



The whole class in Pear for settling in so well and being so responsible and helping each other around the classroom. I am looking forward to teaching you all for the year.



Georgia – for your curiosity. You have come back to school full of enthusiasm and put a great deal of effort into your learning.

Esther – for your fantastic attitude to learning. You have confidently shared your ideas on the carpet and been really focused with your independent work.



Jamie- for coming back after summer with an excellent attitude to learning and showing great enthusiasm towards all aspects of your learning.

Quinn- for being an incredibly kind and curious member of the class already this half term. You have been so helpful and polite and have asked some great questions about the learning in our Guided Reading and English lessons. 



The whole class of Ash Class for settling in beautifully in the first week.



Michonne – for being a conscientious student and always completing tasks accurately. 

Viktoriya – for an excellent attitude shown towards learning and for setting an exemplary model to everyone in the class.  



Whole class for the phenomenal beginning of the school year. Children came in settled and ready to learn, full of curiosity. The class has worked very well in groups and given 110% from day one.



Macy- for working so hard and settling in so well to year 5. She is the perfect role model and is always doing the right thing, well done Macy. 

Baye- for working fantastically in all lessons, especially maths and for contributing to class discussions, well done Baye. 



Hope – demonstrating her maths skills and focusing on the task

Kelly-maintaining her focus at all times and being a great role model. 



Shraavya – for participating well in class discussions and supporting her peers

Aarya – for being a fantastic role model and volunteering answers during class discussion



Umair – for showing persistence to their learning throughout the week.

Gauri – for showing great curiosity in all lessons and always being on task, focusing on her work. 


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