Stars of the week 8th July

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Hazel – For showing fantastic skills in the creative area! Well done!

Alan – For his confidence in leading outdoor games! Brilliant!

Acorn Class

Malaika – For always being the first to tidy up. Malaika always listens and follows all instructions asked. Well done!

Liam – For trying really hard this week. Liam showed fantastic effort when trying out some of the obstacle course outside.

Conker Class

Jithin – For writing a fantastic letter this week. Jithin remembered the different features in a letter and used his Phonics! Well done!

Barney – For impressing us all with his fantastic memory and knowledge about Polar Bears. Barney was so passionate about expressing his view! Fantastic!

Sarah – For being so kind with her friends and leading imaginative play. Sarah loves to pretend she is serving ice creams to her friends. Well done!

Maple Class

Aradhya- for her incredible work on her sentence structure over the last few weeks. You are really taking your time to think about your word choice and capital letter and full stop placement. Well done!

Shayan- for his great contributions in class. It has been fantastic to see your confidence grow in class! Keep it up!

Mulberry Class

Natalya- For her amazing persistence in phonics. Her reading has impressed all of the adults this week! Well Done!

Kyle- For his effort in maths this week. He has tried hard to use the concrete resources to help him complete addition and subtraction problems.

Pear Class

Mustafa- For making better choices during the lessons this week, participating and engaging more.

Muhsin- For being more focused and working hard to complete all of your work on time!

Pine Class

Kevin- For always being a wonderful role model! Kevin is a very polite, kind and hard working member of Pine class every single day! Well done! 

Anamar- For trying really hard to listen carefully to classroom adults and being independent. Well done! 

Lucas- For trying really hard with his writing and presenting his work clearly. Well done!

Apple Class

Ahmed – for your significantly improved concentration, focus and persistence across all lessons!

Momina – for helping others, consistently sharing your ideas, and your attention to detail when creating your own designs in Art and DT.

Ash Class

David I.- for his massive contribution in our English lesson, coming up with some fantastic ideas for alliterations and rhymes.

Khalipa- for always walking sensibly in the line and being a role model for everyone in the class.

Alex- for his engagement across all the lesson and great support offered to his desk partner.

Kayla-Rose – for her progress shown this week in Maths and being able to apply the learnt strategy in her independent work.

Beam Class Whole class – For their mature attitude on this week with so many changes and for making Mrs Merinde feel so welcome in the class. Great team work and kindness in Beam class this week!
Beech Class

Sasha- Your behaviour has been amazing this week! I have been impressed by your attitude to learning alongside you remaining focussed during independent learning. Well done!

Anne-Marie- I have been amazed by your English work during our persuasive writing unit. You have written some great examples of rhetorical questions and strong adjectives within your work. Well done!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

Yashika- For sharing her excellent opinions with confidence during diversity week and using her passion for this subject in her most recent English work. 

David- For producing fantastic work in every lesson this week, especially in English and DT. Well done!

Willow Class / Wisteria Class Riley- For his amazing maths work recently. Showing persistence and dedication to his learning and making great progress!
Chestnut Class

Masooma – For her incredible Maths this week. Even though we are nearing the end, she has still been working as hard as she could to get ready for secondary school, mastering the different concepts that we have taught throughout the year, which is very admirable.

Kaja – For settling incredibly well this week, trying to get used to the way we do things in Chestnut, which can’t have been easy. She has followed every single rule, asked questions when unsure and has been an excellent friend to her peers, who are more than delighted to have her back!

Oak Class 

Bethany – excellent focus during PE lessons. She always puts in 110% and follows the instructions perfectly, which shows in her ability. Well done!

Kyndra – I’m very proud of how far Kyndra has progressed in maths. She now has a solid understanding on what we have covered this year and is always confident to thumb in. Well done!

Forest Class Baye- we have been really impressed with your great effort and hard work in Maths. Your careful listening has meant that you have a good understanding of tricky fractions-well done!

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