Stars of the week 8th January

Sunflower YN

Mihira – For trying lots of different activities and uploading videos for us to see.

Mateo – For fantastic effort in all the activities set.

Alexandru R – For having a go at every single activity that has been set on Google Classroom this week.

Acorn YR

Sophie – We have been looking at putting different parts of animals together to make new animals. Sophie created her own amazing animal at home using junk modelling materials and it looked fabulous

Labeeb – Labeeb watched a tutorial video on how to make a picture and then made his own amazing picture using oil pastels.

Conker YR

Whole class – For being so fantastic and adapting to Google Classroom so well. I am impressed by every single child in Conker Class.

Sofia – For brilliant work in every task! Sofia has also created her own version of Handa’s Surprise which she renamed Sofia’s Surprise.

Jithin – For brilliant work all week and always completing the challenge activities. Jithin has also been uploading to Tapestry as well as Google Classroom.

Maple Y1

Whole  class for their brilliant work on Google Classwork. 

Mulberry Y1

Julia – Each piece of work Julia has produced this week has been presented beautifully. She has worked hard in her maths and even completed some of our challenge questions!

Daniel- I have been really impressed with Daniel’s hard work on his handwriting this week. In every piece of work he has tried his hardest to use the correct letter formation and finger spaces.

Natalya – Well Done to Natalya who has worked extremely hard on her phonics work this week. She has carefully added sound buttons to each of the words as well as write interesting sentences using some of our key words.

Pear Y2

The whole class! We have been very impressed with the whole class and their learning this week on Google classroom.

Pine Y2

The whole class! We have been very impressed with the whole class and their learning this week on Google classroom.

We were particularly impressed with Thea, Abdul Mannan and Dennis for their hard work on writing an information text ‘All about China’.

We were also impressed with Edward and Harshan for the amount of work they handed in this week.

Apple Y3

Alan – Excellent effort in all of his home learning this week. In maths, Alan had a brilliant understanding of fractions and made sure he showed his working out.

Evelyn – For working very hard this week and her beautiful presentation for her story map and sentences.

Kelly – For fantastic effort in all home learning this week and clearly explaining her reasoning in her answers.

Ash Y3

Daniel, David H and Jayden

For putting a lot of effort into all of their home learning this week.

Beam Y4

Whole class.

The engagement and hard work this week were extraordinary. Some struggled but persevered, others did all the tasks daily, the class worked and supported each other on stream discussions. Their attitude was impressive and excellent

Beech Y4

Yarah – Amazing work in English! She has presented excellent notes when watching the videos. In addition, Yarah has written some amazing examples of rhetorical questions.

Yasin – Yasin has been working extremely hard to complete all of his learning on Google Classroom. He not only finishes his learning but ensures it is of excellent quality!


Walnut Y5

Hamid, Andre M and Amalia

They have all completed all of the work to a really high standard, presented their word beautifully and put a huge amount of effort into their home learning.

Willow Y5

Nikola, Zara and Daniel 

All of them have not only finished all the assignments, but shown persistence and curiosity in their work. They have gone the extra mile and really shown me their thinking and eagerness to learn more about our topics.

Wisteria Y5

 Joseph – Putting an amazing amount of effort into his home learning. Each piece comes back detailed, read through and well presented showing his computing skills too!

Akinsa – Excellent effort in her home learning, asking questions when unsure and responding to feedback.

Shriya- Returning work promptly  with excellent detail. Shriya has high expectations of her learning at home and ensures she asks questions when she is unsure.

Chestnut Y6

Martha- For always going back to her work on Google Classroom and taking on the feedback that teachers give her.

Grace – For her outstanding Maths work on Google Classroom. 

Oak Y6

Sabeeha – Completing all work on time to a good standard.

Aurora – Excellent work in maths.  You took your time and the accuracy shows.

Ali – Helping other students out on google classroom explaining how to upload pictures.


Presian – I have been really impressed with Presian’s hard work and great effort this week, especially his recount of his Christmas holiday and reflection on 2020 in PSHE.

Baye –

He has joined Forest Class this week and he has thrown himself into home learning with such fantastic enthusiasm. 

Key worker group A

Liam – For settling into the new group brilliantly and making positive relationships with the other children. 

Lilah – For showing an amazing attitude towards learning and interacting well with the other children. 

Key worker group B

The whole group!

Working so hard in all lessons and for settling into the group so well

Key worker group C

Ethan – Ethan has been an amazing helper throughout the whole week. He helps his peers to solve problems with the laptops and has been helping everyone including the teachers with our origami project. He has been a real super star.

Hope – We have been extremely impressed with Hope’s work. She has been completing her work independently every day to a high standard and quite quickly. She has shown incredible resilient. Well done

Key worker group D

Hashim – Because at the beginning of the week he was a little bit reserved but now is feeling much more comfortable and is playing and joking with everyone. 

Key worker group E

Eli- For showing so much enthusiasm and positivity.

Hartley – For settling in so well and quick. 

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