Stars of the week 5th February 2021

Congratulations to our Stars of the week this week!

Sunflower Class Sachin and Viraaj for consistency in home learning on Google Classroom.
Acorn Class

Rhaiya – For always accepting the challenges and trying her hardest every single day! 

Myles – For being a super mathematician and challenging yourself further by answering 43 Maths questions correctly. Wow!

Conker Class

Lucian – For always uploading such brilliant work! It is so lovely to see you how neat your work is!

Jayden – For working really hard on every piece of work you have submitted! It is so lovely to see the photographs you upload with your work because you always look super happy!

Burhan – For incredible work! Burhan always tries really hard with every piece of work! I have been particularly impressed by Burhan’s letter formation!

Maple Class

Ioana- For the incredible videos and photographs she has been uploading onto google classroom and getting your family all involved in your yoga routine

Lyllia-Rose – for working really hard on your writing even though it isn’t your favourite thing to do and for your fantastic videos you’ve created this week.

Mulberry Class

Andrei- For his amazing work this week especially his sentence writing in Phonics.

Rayan- For showing great engagement in his home learning this week.

Pear Class

David C. – For engaging  much more on Google Classroom.Trying your best .   Your enthusiasm for music  has really shined this week! You showed fantastic understanding on what pattern is in music! 

Mustafa- for engaging much more on Google Classroom. Trying his best even  when he found things a little tricky. Keep up the good work !

Manasvi – for her amazing video in music. She showed fantastic knowledge of what pattern is in music and danced beautifully to Tchaykovsky music making sure that she repeats patterns in her dance moves.

Pine Class

Jayden, Ayesha and the rest of Pine class! 

We were absolutely blown away by the kindness shown. When other children received an affirmation card, they gave kind comments of encouragement and support. Well done!

Benjamin- we have been so proud of the handwriting Benjamin has been doing at home. He has been uploading photos of his amazing writing and we are very proud!

Apple Class

Aaron – For always putting a lot of effort into his learning and persevering with his work.

Ayesha – For her consistently high level of engagement with home learning, asking questions and using feedback to improve her work.

Ash Class

Irina – for impressing the adults in Ash Class with her Creative Challenge ‘ I remember’ .

Macy – for continuing to be consistent with her work, especially for her efforts in Maths and the answers given in Computing this week.

Luca – for doing amazing work all the time, putting extra effort in all the tasks!

Beam Class

Aminah-The great effort she has been putting into her work and for working independently.

Megan-The quality of her work and for attempting almost all assignments on Google Classroom since the start.

Beech Class

Alfie – You’ve made a huge effort in all your subjects this week, but especially in times tables.

Adrian – You’re really paying attention in every subject and working hard on showing your learning in every task, including recall.

Walnut Class

Ryan for all of his hard work in Maths this week, his dedication has really paid off and he has mastered some very tricky work with percentages.

Hamid for giving 100% to all of his work on Google classroom everyday. He responds to feedback and is constantly trying to bring his work up to an even higher standard every day.

Willow Class

From the start, Zaki has been active on google classroom. He reads all the information, watches the videos, tries his best and shows his workings. Excellent!

Megi is celebrated because she has become more confident online, producing more quality work, asking questions and reading the comments we leave for her. Keep it up!

Wisteria Class

Sofia- For showing dedication in her learning especially in Maths and also her amazingly detailed artwork this week.

Wasif- For increasing effort in his learning, listening to feedback and using it to improve his work.

Chestnut Oak

JJ because he reads thoroughly every single assignment that I send. He is so meticulous that even spots my mistakes!

Liam because he works so very hard on Google Classroom. He completes almost everything and frequently if not always goes back to his work taking the feedback I send.

Oak Class 

Ritu – For consistently great work on google classroom across all the subjects. She listens and responds to feedback on the platform and always produces good work.

Nathaniel – For increasing his effort to engage on google classroom and completing all his work in a timely fashion and on the day.

Forest Class

Yusuf- For working hard to complete more work on Google Classroom. Well done and keep it up!

Elizabeth- For having a great attitude to learning and trying her best across different subjects.

Red Group

Roman – Roman has really challenged himself this week whilst learning addition and subtraction. What a super mathematician!

Owais – For his brilliant attitude to learning and for trying his hardest in all the different activities.

Blue Group

Evia:For coming out of her shell. She has really developed her confidence this week alongside working incredibly hard. 

Khalipa: For following the rules continuously alongside working incredibly hard in Maths.

Green Group

Meha- For working really hard this week on all your work on Google Classroom, even when you found it tricky.

Adedolapo- For coming in everyday and working hard on all your work independently.  All of the teachers in this group have noticed what a role model you are!

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