Stars of the Week 4th November 2021

Stars of the week 4th November


Welbeck – for persisting with his phonics learning. Welbeck is able to now trace around his letters the correct way and can copy his letters onto a whiteboard. 

David – for using interesting adjectives to describe the fruits from the story Handa’s Surprise. David was even able to apply some expanded noun phrases to his English learning. 


Yohan- for showing amazing effort and persistence in learning his ladder words. He is also trying hard to include this new found knowledge in his sentence writing.

Kemal- for being an all round superstar. Kemal is an amazing role model to the other children in Mulberry class by following our classroom rules and routines. He is always ready to learn and has made super progress since joining Year 1.


Azhab- for showing a positive attitude towards learning, enthusiasm and engagement in the lessons. This week, Azbab has shown huge progress in his behaviour and relationships with his peers, too. Keep up this great attitude.

Arthur- for his persistence and hard work in Maths using dienes to subtract two digit numbers. He has shown lots of effort and dedication in his learning.


Aradhya- for your incredible growth in confidence when thumbing in and working really hard on your work in Maths this week.

Jennifer- for your great work in English retelling the story and understanding all the key features of a fairytale and working really hard on being in school every day.


Yasin – for being a role model for the rest of the class, sharing your ideas, being persistent and independent, and completing your work in all lessons. You have really impressed all the adults in Apple class this week, well done.

Khadijah – for being much more persistent and confident in class. It was wonderful that you shared your knowledge of your religion with the class and also helped your table to understand the learning.


Mustafa- For working incredibly hard to demonstrate pro-social characteristics. You have made amazing progress this year and I am so proud of you.

Esmee- For focussing during class discussion and independent learning. You always work to complete the activities to the best of your ability. Well done for working so hard this year.


Lovis – for his kind gesture of helping and cleaning what others did to avoid his friends getting in trouble. This is such an amazing kind and friendly gesture that shows his kind nature.

Sara – for building up her confidence in lessons and thumbing in more often. Her eagerness to contribute in the lessons has increased so much. Well done Sara.


Jayden for being helpful and kind towards his class mates and thinking of a new strategy to help a friend who was struggling.

Hooria for working hard to ignore distractions around her and focussing on her work.


Alex- for his excellent contributions to discussions across all subjects, especially maths and for his science poster on forces. Well done Alex.

Megan- for always being so motivated and putting in 100% to her learning and never giving up. Keep it up Megan.


Mohammeed – For always helping his peers and being an enthusiastic learner in all subjects .

Miriam – For her excellent reading comprehension and sharing her knowledge of tricky vocabulary, explaining the words beautifully to her peers .


Beth – For being an incredibly sensible member of Chestnut class. Always doing what she is supposed to, working hard, being patient when disruptions occur around her and not getting involved in anything negative. 

Andrei – For working extremely hard in many aspects: his Maths, his guided reading, and especially his behaviour, trying extremely hard and succeeding at staying polite and respectful towards adults and regulating himself.


Melvin – For always contributing in class, whether that is answering questions, joining in discussions or sharing his opinion, he actively tries to be a part of the learning.

Zaki – for working methodically and systematically in maths. He ensures that he is using his past learning to influence his work and to guarantee accuracy in his answers. 

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