Stars of the Week 3rd February 2022


Victor- For producing good learning about different types of trees. He was able to identify and name evergreen and deciduous trees. Well done Victor.

Amina – For really endeavouring with English learning and trying her best to ensure she has included all of her writing checklist. 


Labeeb – for his wonderful adjectives in his instruction writing. Labeeb was able to add a lot of detail to his instructions and made them very clear. Well done Labeeb.

Sem – For his maths learning. Sem was able to use a  numberline to help him with his subtraction equations and can even solve tricky word problems. Well done Sem.


Moiz – for his kindness, being a good friend and hard work independently.

Reece- for making progress in his attitude towards learning and showing great listening and focusing skills this week.

Rayan – for his incredible contribution in Geography sharing great information about Columbia with the whole class.


Vincent and Lenny- for being wonderful partners. You have helped a number of children in the class this week with their learning and their confidence in and out of the classroom.


Yasin – For being a mini teacher in RE and sharing your knowledge and understanding of your religion with the class. You really helped the class to understand Islam better too.

Lucas – For being much more focused, persistent and independent this week. Well done for also working hard to use your best handwriting in your books.


China- For working incredibly hard on forming your letters correctly. I am so impressed by the progress you have made. Well done.

Aran- For your continued positive attitude to learning. You are always working hard to complete all the tasks whilst ensuring your presentation is of a high quality. Well done.


Tiffany, Aaron, David, Gaurave, Nidhi, Alia, Prisha, Daniel, Vanessa, Ahmed, Kelly and Dorsa.

All of these children adapted to the online learning incredibly well and were submitting work, editing it and engaged with their learning immediately. I am so proud of the work they have been doing online and how amazingly they have adapted to the new situation. Well done guys.  Keep this up.


David – For his hard work and participation in class.

Rida- For her superb behaviour and hard work.


Nadira- For excellent work this week and for being so independent in her learning. Keep it up.

Zara K- For showing excellent attitude to learning this week and for being so helpful around the classroom. Zara has been so motivated in her learning and it shows, keep it up Zara.


Indelah- For shining bright in music, being brave enough to lead others and showing an excellent understanding of pitch and harmony. 

Mohammed- Mohammed’s attitude towards his own learning has increased a lot. He is taking responsibility, finishing all his assignments with effort and is enthusiastic of the things the class is learning about. 


Luke has shown an amazing, positive attitude to learning this week. He has come back from some time off school ready to learn and trying his best in every lesson, especially in Maths.

Chantelle is such a great role-model, she is always ready to learn and gives her best effort in every lesson. She ignores distractions around her and focuses on her work, which is always completed beautifully.


Raphael and Meha- for their fantastic progress, effort and positivity in swimming. 


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