Stars of the Week 31st March 2022


Esther – for trying really hard in Science. She was able to confidently classify animals correctly. When others were unsure she helped them to categorize them correctly and showed great teamwork skills. Well done Esther..

Burhan – For trying his best with his writing. Using his finger spaces to ensure that his writing is readable. He has been using his Little Wandle phonics chart to help him spell words. Keep up the hard work Burhan. 


Vrishaank-for settling in to Mulberry class so well. He has been able to follow our daily routines and has applied himself to all of our lessons.

Yohan- for his had work on expression in guided reading this week. He has been trying to make reading more exciting and has even been practicing these new skills when reading to an adult.


John Paul – for becoming much more confident in following the class rules and routines. Also, he has been showing interest and progress in his reading. Well done…

Frank – for coming to school everyday even though he finds it hard sometimes. It was lovely to see a smile on his face this week. 


We have decided to celebrate the whole of Pine Class this week by making them all stars of the week. They have continued to work hard even when dealing with lots of changes this week in Pine Class. We are all so proud of you. 


Iqra – for using our success criteria to write and edit your adventure story. You were relentless in making sure you found as many improvements as possible when you were editing – well done.

Abi – for your focus and persistence writing your adventure story. We were so impressed to see you looking back at your plan to make sure you included all of your fantastic ideas.

Giovanna – for writing your first adventure story in English. Well done for coming up with imaginative ideas and writing most of your story independently.


Whole Ash Class- I have chosen you all because of all the incredible work you have put in since starting Year 3. You have all grown so much in different ways that I am so proud of your journey. You are all so incredible that I wish you all the best for the rest of the year. Keep on shining..


Whole Beam Class for the incredible term working extraordinarily hard. No matter what the day has brought us, every child has made a huge effort to learn, enjoy and make everyone feel valued. Beam has made positive progress and we all deserve this reward.


Oli- for excellent writing in English and for being such a delight all the time.

Jesvin- for being so persistent and doing some amazing work on fractions this term.


Alfie- for practicing hard on improving his social skills and using his strategies successfully to help.

Hope- for brightening our classroom with his presence, working hard and being a good friend to all.


James-For always being willing to help others and ensuring everyone has a friend to play with.

Akinsa – For being a super friend to others.  Always checking in with her peers and adults to see how they are and for being  an all round superstar.


Shay, for working very hard this week and asking for help when it’s needed. Well done

Megi – for fabulous poetry work this week. Well done.

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