Stars of the Week – 30th September 2021


Sofia- For her persistence with her writing in all lessons. She has been working hard to complete all of the work that is set for her!

Sem- For his amazing retelling of the Three Little Pigs story. He has tried his best to include as much detail as possible to create exciting sentences!


Hashir – for his kindness, caring for others and for consistently making good choices. Moreover, he is always ready for learning and shows pro-social behaviour.

Ethan- for being a Super classroom helper. He was consistently aware of what happened in the classroom and has informed the teacher if someone has made a bad choice.He showed that he is responsible and reliable. Thank you and well done!


Eli- for your incredible work in Phonics this week! It’s been lovely to see you working so independently when writing your words of the week 

Renny- for your great work when writing your ideas this week and your fantastic contributions in lessons. You’ve been thumbing in with some wonderful ideas and using fantastic vocabulary. Well done 


Gulsom – for being an excellent role model for the class during transitions and consistently being ready to learn.

Jayden – for frequently thumbing in with fantastic ideas and showing persistence and independence in all lessons.


Aran- For constantly demonstrating green behaviours. You started a brand new school and have just been absolutely amazing! I am so proud of you!

Shahid- You have impressed me by your knowledge and attitude in our Maths lesson. You are able to provide reasoning when solving math calculations. I am amazed by your understanding!


Alia & Angela – for settling in their new classroom and school. Both children have adapted extraordinarily well to the new routine and it is a pleasure to have them engaged and eager to learn more and more.


Abriyah- For  her positive attitude to learning, especially in Maths.


Benedetta: for always taking responsibility for her own learning and for her excellent hard work and dedication across all subjects!

Oli: for his excellent work in maths this week! He is so 


Gauri: for always putting her learning first, staying focused and being confident in her opinions

Lois: staying focused no matter what and spreading positivity around her, always considering others and smiling


Luke – For the great journey he has had so far in Y6. He is trying his absolute best at all times. When he’s missed school he’s been very keen on catching up and showing an interest in what we have done and he is working very hard as well at regulating himself when things become overwhelming.

Tanush – Because he is a great role model to the whole class. He is polite, respectful and always has a positive attitude towards his learning. In Maths, he has also blown me away with his incredible time table knowledge- sometimes I can’t keep up with his pace!

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