Stars of the week 3.12.2020

Acorn YR

Jasmine and Logan

Conker YR

Barney and Lily

Maple Y1

Viaan and Yusuf

Mulberry Y1

Diana and Rayan

Pear Y2

Sion and Emi

Pine Y2

Hamza and Aahil

Apple Y3

Dorsa and Fatma

Ash Y3

Luca and Alex

Avocado Y3

All of Avocado Class

Beam Y4

Athvik, Aminah and Nicole

Beech Y4

Miriam and Indelah

Walnut Y5

Beth, Amelia and Andrei M

Willow Y5

Luke and Nikola

Wisteria Y5

Whole class from Miss Mahmood

Chestnut Y6

James and Trey

Oak Y6

Caitlyn, Hira and Shavon



Congratulations to all of our Stars this week!

The Attendance Awards this week go to Mulberry Class, Beech Class and Oak Class.

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