Stars of the week 29th January

Congratulations to all of our Stars this week!

Sunflower Class

Mrs. Pop and other staff members noticed that the whole Sunflower class has been working really well to accept new changes and challenges. So they decided to give the Star of the Week award to the whole class!!!! 💫💫💫💫💫

Well done to everyone because you all are doing your best! 👍

Acorn Class

Amaad – For completing every task set, even the challenges and for always trying his hardest.  

Mihails – For beautiful, neat writing in Phonics and for remembering all his sound buttons.

Conker Class

Sonia – For excellent home learning in every activity set! It is so lovely to see Sonia engaged in her learning. It makes us all very proud! Well done Sonia!

David – For superb work in every subject! Everything David completes is to an exceptionally high standard! David finds new and innovative ways to present his work. 

Elisabeta – For brilliant work this week! Elisabeta presents her work beautifully and drew such a super picture of Miss Paalanen! Keep it up Eli!

Maple Class

Ralphie- for your fabulous videos and incredible improvement in your handwriting and presentation 

Yusuf- for uploading more and more home learning every day and your great photos and videos

Mulberry Class

Rithvik- for all of your hard work each day, thank you for your great photos and videos

Hashir- For brilliant work this week! You always try your hardest in every piece of work and your presentation is always so beautiful!

Pear Class

Muhsin- For engaging so much on Google Classroom and attending all class meets. Your enthusiasm for learning has really shined this week!

Aaira- For always giving 100% effort. We can see how hard you work on each assignment that you turn in on Google Classroom. 

Teagan- For your perseverance with work on Google Classroom this week. Even when you found things challenging you always tried your best to complete more work each day.

Pine Class

Dennis- For working exceptionally hard on Google classroom and attending every class meeting. Well done Dennis for being such a wonderful role model! 

Abi- For using the sentence starters to write some brilliant answers in our English learning. You tried so hard and we are so proud!

Edward – For working exceptionally hard, having great ideas and for amazing knowledge and understanding of 3D shapes! We are so impressed with your efforts!

Apple Class

Fatma – For her high engagement on Google Classroom and working so hard in all of her home learning.

Dorsa – For persevering in her home learning and challenging herself to attempt more of the tasks.

Umair – For putting a lot of effort into his home learning across all subjects.

Ash Class

Vivaan – For all his work completed to an exceptionally high standard daily.

David H. – His amount of work submitted weekly on Google classroom and detailed answers in Guided Reading.

Joshua – Showing great progress in his work and going above and beyond with his assignments.

Beam Class

Alex – Doing every task on Google Classroom, attending the live lessons and always giving high quality work even from home. You are incredible Alex!

Ana – Trying hard and even replying to the teacher´s comments on Google Classroom. You are doing it incredibly well, sometimes even before the live lesson, you finish the task, this is exceptional!

Beech Class

Pranavi- Excellent effort across a range of subjects. I have specifically been impressed with her Maths and Grammar work. Well done Pranavi!

Yarah- Has demonstrated consistent effort across a range of subjects, and has produced high quality work. Well done Yarah!

Walnut Class

Andrei M: For going above and beyond with all his home learning, trying his best in every subject, every day and completing his work to a really high standard.

Hamid: Working really hard every day, always checking his work thoroughly and correcting any mistakes to make it the best that he can.

Willow Class

Arsalan was chosen because he is extremely engaged in google classroom. He helps others, praises their work and achievements and in his own work, produces excellent pieces with beautiful reasoning and well-thought vocabulary. 

Shannon was chosen for her marvelous creativity in Art. Her dedication to manga style and how she has challenged herself in it has been a joy to witness. She has done everything that was asked and more.

Wisteria Class

Meha- For putting extra effort into her online learning recently and completing a range of subjects to a high standard.

Humayl- For working harder and harder each week on Google Classroom. His effort in Maths has been outstanding too!

Chestnut Oak

Emily – because she is super keen and committed to her learning and gets her work done first thing in the morning. It seems like she has a good routine that works for her and that’s wonderful to see!

Sanuka – because his Maths work is absolutely outstanding. It is lovely to see that at home, he is the same brilliant mathematician as in school!

Martha, Kuba, Emily, James, Liam, Lyndon, Paruja, Julia G, Misbah, Latif and Julia J – for attending our Q&A meeting, for being honest about what they’re struggling with and coming with a positive, hard working attitude.

Oak Class  Bethany and Saif – Both of you have done some excellent work online this week. Your engagement is fantastic and you turn your work in a timely manner. We also neer have to return your work because it isn’t finished. You are both thorough and take your time with your work. Well Done.
Forest Class

Sarang- for trying extremely hard every day to complete all of the work on Google Classroom. I have been particularly impressed with Sarang’s Maths work. Well done Sarang!

Hashim – I am so incredibly proud of your incredible work on Google Classroom. You have a great attitude to learning, are enthusiastic and try your best in every lesson every single day. Keep it up!

Red Group

Renford- for his kindness towards all the children in our bubble and helping the children who found the work more challenging .

Sufyan-Ali – for his great effort towards his learning and joining in using his big voice for his phonics.

Blue Group

Jamie: For his amazing Three Little pigs story, beautiful handwriting and fantastic work in Maths and having an all round awesome week!

Ethan: For being patient, kind and helpful to all the children and adults in the Blue group.

Green Group

Zara- For trying her best in all her work, especially Maths when counting backwards. She was showing amazing behavior in the classroom!

Amaad – For showing great manners when asking for help, being polite and well-behaved!

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