Stars of the week 29th April

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Oliver for always sharing his knowledge in class discussions.

Burhanuddin for being enthusiastic about learning new things.

Alisha for being a role model in her group. She is always showing good listening, perseverance and loves to learn new things.

Acorn Class

Sophie for amazing sentence writing in Phonics. Well done for remembering your capital letters and full stops. 

Danny for working really hard with his sounding out and blending in Phonics. Well done for writing these words afterwards on your own.

Conker Class

Khalil – For a brilliant week! Khalil has tried exceptionally hard in every subject. Khalil is trying really hard in Phonics and it is so lovely to see the progress. 

Amina – For always trying really hard in both lessons and skills! Amina is a fantastic role model and always doing the right thing. 

Jamal – For having a wonderful week! Jamal is always eager to learn and tries his hardest. Jamal loves a challenge.

Maple Class

Lyllia-Rose- For your great independent learning in Maths and having some great ideas in English this week! Well done

Ralphie- For trying really hard with your handwriting and always thumbing in with great answers. It shows how fantastically you are listening in lessons

Mulberry Class

Angelina- For her amazing piece of artwork this week. She showed great persistence with her painting.

Syna- For her super work in our maths lessons this week. She has excelled herself by counting and writing numbers to 50 independently!

Pear Class

Lauren- For working so much more independently in class.

Akshobhya- For improving his counting skills during Math and starting to give things a go on his own.

Pine Class

Benjamin and Harshan- For completing some absolutely outstanding writing in English. Both of them wrote excellent information texts about animals! Well done!

Stanley- For always giving 100% effort and energy to all of his learning. Well done!

Apple Class

Sara – for always being ready to learn, working really well with your partner, and being more confident to contribute to class discussions.

 Miguel – for settling in well and trying really hard in phonics.

Ash Class

Jayden -for his positive attitude towards learning, huge interest in learning in all the lessons.

Vivaan- for his amazing knowledge in Maths and Computing and the massive support offered in the classroom.

Zain- has really impressed all the adults with his fantastic knowledge in Geography and PSHCE, this week. He has shown brilliant contribution in all the lessons, great listening skills.

Beam Class

Muhammed – For making a huge effort to settle in the new classroom with new routines and friends.

Oli – For your curiosity to learn more and more, focus on the tasks ignoring anyone who tries to talk to you. You prioritize your learning over anything else. What an amazing week Oli!

Beech Class

Natalie- For her amazing science work this week. You demonstrated good understanding on how to create and use a classification key and remained focussed throughout the lesson. 

Ilya- For having a positive attitude to learning by participating in our class discussions and working extremely hard when completing independent work. 

Walnut Class Hamid and Andrei M- For always being kind and helpful to everyone:  friends, classmates and  adults and being excellent role models to others.
Willow Class

Arsalan- For his brilliant oracy skills, independence in class and showing a constant thirst for learning that we can all learn from. 

Maher – For becoming more engaged in class, thumbing in and using precise oracy as well as taking more responsibility for his learning in class.

Wisteria Class

Amalia- for asking adults and her peers questions. Amalia has been working on this target for a while and in the last two weeks has made us so proud with how many different people she is talking to.

Krisha- For challenging herself in her learning and always striving to learn as much as possible.

Chestnut Class

Trey – for being much more sensible and focused during lessons, as well as being helpful towards his peers. 

Latif – for contributing incredibly meaningfully, respectfully and showing an inquisitive mind during our RE lesson this week.

Oak Class 

Saif – for showing a lot more engagement across all of the subjects, working hard and following the instructions to be successful. Well done!

Liam – For his hard work in maths, it is really paying off and you are completing more and more of the work every day. Well done!

Forest Class Presian-for fantastic work on written methods in Maths this week. You explained your knowledge really clearly using great mathematical vocabulary. Well done!


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