Stars of the Week- 28th April 2022


Victor – For always trying his best with his writing. Victor is able to independently write sentences using his phonics sounds. He uses his writing checklist to ensure that he has included everything. Well done Victor. 

Giselle – For working so hard in her guided reading lessons. She is now able to read with expression, changing her pitch and tone of voice appropriately. Giselle is always engaged in the lesson. Well done Giselle. 


Sonia for her persistence in her writing over the last few weeks. She is using her knowledge of tricky words and phonics to help her write amazing sentences about bats. 

Ava for her curiosity during our English lessons. She has had some thoughtful ideas about bats and created some super fact writing.


All of Pear Class for coping so well with change this week, for coming back after the Easter holidays with a great enthusiastic attitude to learning. Well done for completing tasks in a upbeat and cooperative manner.


Jessica- for persisting with your Maths this week while we have been working on subtraction. You have worked so hard on regrouping your numbers and using that skill to help you with your learning.

Lyllia-Rose- for the kindness and persistence shown when working with your group and your partner. And also for your hard work on your maths and spellings. It’s great to seeing you checking your own work before saying you are finished.


Iqra – for your amazing attitude to your learning. You have been so much more focussed and persistent, and shown kindness to others in the class when working together.

Sofia – for showing all of our school learning behaviours. You are persistent, curious, kind, forgiving and hopeful and we are so proud of you for consistently making a huge effort in school.


Mustafa – Amazing attitude towards his learning since returning from the Easter holidays. Mustafa has been contributing in lessons, engaging more and being kind to others, pleased to help at all times and although he may of sometimes found some situations tricky, he remained calm and managed himself really well. Well done Mustafa. Such a star.

Owais- well done Owais for consistently contributing in his learning especially in Maths. Owais has really tried very hard to contribute and has been a maths expert this week. He has been super engaged in learning & smiling the whole way through. Well done Owais .


Manuel: For always putting great effort into his work and having a positive approach when asked to improve his work.

Jayden- showing improvement in his focus in class and showing enthusiasm in his learning particularly in Maths.


Arthur P. – for settling really well in his new school, adapting to the new routines and making many friends at playtime.

Gaurave – for putting so much effort when doing tasks ensuring your answers are detailed and specific and applying previous knowledge.

Daniel – for always giving 110% in your tasks. Reading accurate answers full of information is a pleasure.

Alia – for working the extra mile when doing tasks.


Aamina- for working so hard in Maths and for feeling more confident to contribute to class discussions, keep it up.

Summaya- for making good behaviour choices this week and for taking responsibility for her own learning. 


Hadisa and Fateha – For overcoming their fears in swimming. Well done.


Beth – For being some welcoming and kind to Mr Young during his first week at Central.

Amelia – For persevering during her English throuhgout the week and never giving up. 


Melvin – for working hard and consistently in morning lessons – he is showing fantastic progress – well done.

Joe – for always having an upbeat positive attitude. Thank you for making everybody’s day brighter.  

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