Stars of the Week 27th January 2022


This week has been very difficult in Maple Class as there have been lots of changes but the children have been so mature and understanding that we have made them all stars of the week. Well Done Maple Class.


Eli- for always being ready to learn. She is a super role model to other children in the class and always shows pro social behaviours.

Jamal- for his persistence in his reading this week. He has recently moved up in his reading levels and had been practicing his fluency.

Sofia- for her super phonics this week. She is using her knowledge of diagraphs and trigraphs to sound out unfamiliar words in her reading books.


Daviksha – for her everyday mature attitude towards learning, working hard across all the lessons and trying her best to understand new taught subjects.

Diana – for her profound and insightful ideas listed in her written poem with questions in English.


Eli- For her incredible phonics work this week. Your sounding and blending has been incredible.

Quinn- For working really hard on your multiplication in maths and for asking really great questions in lessons.


Aahil – for your fantastic attitude to learning and challenging yourself in Maths. Well done for being focused, persistent and using help from a teacher to tackle challenging problems.

Amie – for working incredibly hard in English to gather research for your biography and independently group the information together into paragraphs. We have been so impressed seeing you also using your blue pen to edit.


Saidah- For settling in well. You tried your best to participate in lessons as well as supporting your peers when they are hurt. 

Muhsin- For demonstrating excellent leadership skills. You ensured that everyone had a role in your group and listened to others when they were sharing their ideas. Well done.

Aaira- For your attitude to learning. You have shown perseverance in lessons and remain focused when there are distractions around. 


Rafaela – For being confident by asking for help whenever she has been unsure and making a huge effort to pay attention.

Tiffany – Coming back from some time off school is never easy, but Tiffany has done an amazing job settling in well, coping with changes and noticeably focused on tasks. Absolutely great job.


Vivaan- for an excellent first week. He shows amazing motivation for learning and has caught up so quickly, we are so excited to welcome you to Walnut class. Keep up the hard work.

Maya- for having some really good ideas for her persuasive writing in English and for doing the right thing and behaving so well all of the time.  Well done Maya.


Eugenie – For being courageous in gymnastics and having a positive attitude as well as producing incredibly neat and precise work.

Hope- For working very hard on his 10’s times tables.

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