Stars of the week 26th February 2021

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

The whole Sunflower class is star class of the week this time!

Everyone is trying their best in the class to settle and learn new things.  Some pupils are presenting impressive work done during home learning.  Well done Sunflower class!

Acorn Class

For being absolute superstars on Google Classroom! 

These children always accept the extra challenges and it has been lovely to see all their hard work!

Well done Rhaiya, Sophie, Labeeb and Kemal 😀

Conker Class

Mia – Mia has tried exceptionally hard to complete lots of different home learning tasks this week! It has been so brilliant seeing Mia’s creativity and enthusiasm in all of her work! Well done! 

Regnars – Regnars has produced some brilliant work this week in all activities but especially in his Maths work! It is always a pleasure looking at Regnars’ work! Keep it up!

Khalil – Khalil has demonstrated superb effort and determination in his Phonics work! We love hearing the wonderful comments about how Khalil is doing! Well done!

Maple Class

Jessica- You have worked incredibly hard at home over the last 7 weeks and every day your handwriting, sentence structure and number work is improving. We can’t wait to see if when we’re back in school.

Rayan- Your phonics sentences and cluster work has been great the last few weeks. You’ve really thought about presentation and ensuring it makes sense. Well done.

Mulberry Class

Ethan- For giving 110% in every piece of work he produces at home. He has really impressed us with his progress in his handwriting!

Arthur- Your maths and phonics work this week has blown us all away. We have been impressed by your persistence and hard work. Well Done!

Pear Class Corrin and Zuzanna- These two have set such a high standard for the work turned in on Google Classroom. They are always giving so much effort and turning in such amazing and high quality work from home!
Pine Class

The whole class!

Miss Ross joined Pine Google Classroom this week and she was very impressed with the work that all of Pine class have been completing. She was especially impressed with the beautiful handwriting!

Well done everyone!

Apple Class

Nidhi – For her creativity, positivity, excellent presentation and always persevering with her work.

Gaurave – For his enthusiasm and outstanding effort across all his home learning and for consistently challenging himself.

Ash Class

Luca- For writing an amazing adventure story in English, following the structure and all the features required.

Daniel – For his dedication of completing work at a high standard every day. 

Diamond – For working really hard to complete all her work on Google classroom. 

Khalipa – For working really hard to complete all his work on Google classroom.

Beam Class

-Aamina for putting a lot of effort into her work and attempting most assignments

-Alex for completing every single assignment in Google Classroom and creating excellent work

-Samih for increasing his effort and for trying to help his classmates 

-Ty for making a lot of effort and for taking our comments onboard and editing his work

Beech Class

Szofi- Excellent engagement this week. You have engaged in most of the learning and have produced excellent work! Well done!

Alfie- During our google meet you demonstrated excellent ideas, which you were able to share with the rest of your peers. Well done!

Walnut Class

Peter- For working so hard in the purple group and being kind and helpful with all the children in the group.

Amelia-  I have been very impressed with the extra effort that you have put in this week with all your work on google classroom.

Willow Class Zara is one of those pupils who could be star of the week every week. She proves how hardworking, efficient, patient and persistent she is in all her assignments, edits and improves and shows curiosity. Whether it is online or in school, Zara is always on top of her tasks.
Wisteria Class

Shay- Well done for being so dedicated to your work especially Maths. You show such a talent through explaining your thinking when solving problems mathematically.

Ernestina- I have thoroughly enjoyed you joining our class meets and hearing your input. You have great ideas and show such enthusiasm! Well done.

Chestnut Class

Latif – For putting the most incredible effort every single day in his Writing lessons, producing beautiful pieces that are creative and a joy to read. 

Muhammad – For being absolutely a super star in Google Classroom every single day. Always asking questions to complete his work thoroughly.

Oak Class 

Liam – For really engaging well this week and creating some good work on google classroom.

Adedolapo- For really responding well to feedback and correcting her work when marked.

Forest Class

Hashim- your work has really stood out this week. Every piece has been completed to an extremely high standard and I can see just how hard you have tried. Excellent!

Presian- I have been really impressed with how you have read my feedback and then used it to make changes to your work. Great reflection skills!

Red Group Owais – For his brilliant attitude to learning. Owais is always eager to support the younger children. Great work!
Blue Group The whole of Blue Group. Everyone has shown such a positive attitude, staying curious, asking loads of marvelous questions and working extremely hard.
Green Group Green group deserve the star of the week. Each child gets one star of the week for different reasons, but all in all, the entire group deserves one mainly for persistence when attempting work, kindness playing outside with children, cooperation in PE. Ms Lane, Mrs Bi and Mr Perulero enjoyed every second this week.
Purple Group

The whole of Purple Group!

Mr Beach, Ms Boardman and Ms Webster have really enjoyed being part of Purple group this week. We have been so impressed with the creativity, persistence and hard work.

Well done everyone!

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