Stars of the Week 25th November 2021

Stars of the week 25th November


Mihails – for displaying neat writing in all of his learning. Mihails has been focusing and working hard on his writing presentation. All of his letters are sitting on the line and are all the correct size. Well done Mihails.

Regnars – For improving his handwriting in his English learning. Regnars has been taking his time not to rush his work to ensure that he can read it back. Great job Regnars.


Barney- for his super story writing in English this week. He has worked hard to plan out his own characters, setting and plot. Keep up the good work.

Isa- for his persistence in Maths and writing this week. He has been working hard at home and is now feeling more confident to be independent during lessons. 


Zunaira and Julia- for working really hard across all the lessons. They have shown fantastic listening skills during the input and have been able to apply strategies learnt in their work. Well done!


Jessica-for working really hard on your fairytale writing and contributing in class. We have loved hearing your great ideas.

Vincent- for really trying with your handwriting and being motivated in all your learning this week. You are a great role model for the other children in the class.


Amie and Dennis for their persistence in maths. It’s been wonderful to see you both confidently sharing your ideas and showing a good understanding of multiplication and division during independent work.


Raed- For his enthusiasm and engagement in our Maths lessons. He participates well in our lessons and will work hard to complete his learning. I am so proud of his enthusiasm for TTRockstars as he is working incredibly hard to beat his competitors. 

Esmee- For being willing to persevere with challenging tasks. When you find a task difficult, you will ask for help once you have attempted it and will then pursue the rest of the question independently. Well done.


Alan – for his independence and maturity in his work. Alan got on with his work even when the teacher was busy with a group of children. He independently laid out the page,and produced an outstanding amount of work.

Rafaela – for her perseverance and hardwork in lessons. Rafaela is becoming more independent as well as confident in the English language and now she produces more work.


Vivaan- For being an excellent role-model at all times. He is always focussed on producing the best work possible in both presentation and quality. He challenges himself in every lesson and ignores distractions and puts great thought and effort into everything he does. Well done Vivaan.

Joshua- For really working hard to stay focussed in lessons this week and producing some excellent work in English. 


Alex- for settling back in so well, for excellent work in maths and for his hard work and dedication on TimesTableRockstars! Keep it up!

Summaya- For taking responsibility for her own learning and working so hard in all lessons this week and for excellent behaviour. Keep it up Summaya!


Szofi- for working hard, having a great attitude and for adjusting well despite changes in the class. Keep it up Szofi!

Hoor-E-Janat- for having a great attitude to learning, for bringing a smile to everyone’s face and for excellent work in Spanish this week. 


Adenike- for always contributing meaningfully in our discussion, particularly in Guided Reading and Geography and for being able to apply the skills she has learning in English, in this case, semicolons, in her writing in Geography.

David – for working incredibly hard in English- he always includes all the features that we have been working on and always goes above and beyond these, producing very thought-through, detailed and enjoyable pieces of writing.


Arianah, Maher, Riley and Luke – for excellent group work during a science project. They worked well as a group, communicated well, made sure everyone had something to do and created an excellent piece at the end.

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