Stars of the week 25th March

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Our first star of the week is Leah!

Leah has shown a great improvement in her confidence in terms of talking to teachers and her peers.  She talks to adult in the class and join in play with her friends during skills time.  Also, she’s a very happy girl in the lunch time now.  She demonstrates very good behaviour in the class in it’s lovely to have her in Sunflower class!

Our next star of the week is Mihira!  

Mihira is chosen for Star Award for always sitting nicely on the carpet, listening carefully in the lessons and being attentive in her learning.  She always thumbs in to answer the questions and her answers are admirable.

She always displays the best of her behaviour and is one of the role models in Sunflower class.

Acorn Class

Giselle – For trying really hard in Maths. Giselle was able to name and talk about the properties of 3D shapes. Well done Giselle! 

Logan – For trying really hard in Phonics. Logan has been segmenting and blending his own words and then has practised writing these after the phonics session too! Well done Logan!

Conker Class

Khalil – For having a brilliant attitude to learning and always eager to tidy up! Khalil has been trying exceptionally hard in all lessons but especially Phonics! Brilliant work Khalil!

Esther – For becoming a lot more confident in class! Esther has shown fantastic determination in Phonics and Maths and always does regular reading at home!  She always has a smile on her face which is lovely to see!

Maple Class  
Mulberry Class

Hashir- For his Art work this week as well as being a role model to all of Mulberry Class and for continuously trying his hardest in all lessons.

Daniel- For trying his hardest in all of his lessons,and for helping a child who had fallen over feel better.

Pear Class

Corrin- Corrin always gives every lesson so much effort and thought. He always has such great ideas and questions for the class to discuss and think about!

Michonne- Michonne is always showing all of Pear Class exactly how they should behave in and out of the classroom. Thank you for being an amazing role model!

Pine Class

Abdul Mannan- For working so hard in lessons and becoming increasingly more independent. We are really proud of your amazing work! Well done!

Daniel- For showing excellent learning behaviours this week and making lots of positive progress. We are very impressed! Well done!

Apple Class The whole of Apple class for working collaboratively and supporting each other! You have all coped so well with big changes since we came back to school. We’re really proud of how you all make sure everyone is included in our class.
Ash Class

Alex – for your enthusiasm and engagement in the lessons. You have been thumbing in and sharing relevant ideas in both English and Maths throughout the entire week, showing interest in your academic performance.

Inaaya – for being active in the lessons, sharing great ideas. You have really impressed us with your complex vocabulary and synonyms that you came up with in English!

Beam Class

Aminah – Your incredible French recipe was impressive. Mrs Ribeiro and myself were amazed with the vocabulary you used and the correct grammar. Well done at languages!

Maya – Your effort at writing has not gone unseen. The adults in the classroom are very proud of how much effort you put to layout your text neatly and the quantity of writing as well. Well done Maya!

Nicole – I couldn’t believe your Spanish text… Mrs Ribeiro and I were speechless and that is not easy. Keep learning languages as you are doing because languages open your doors to the world.

Beech Class The whole of Beech class- This is because for the past week you have all dealt with the changes in our classroom really well. You all participated and demonstrated engagement. Well done!
Walnut Class

Beth and Peter- I have been blown away by your work in DT this week, you have worked hard to create some really amazing automaton toys. Your focus and mature and sensible attitude to using tools was incredible and you showed great team work and kindness in helping your class mates when they were struggling.

Chantelle- you work so hard and try your best in every less, your persistence is fantastic and you are a great role model to others. 

Rihards- in dance you were focused and on task which resulted in excellent work this week.

Willow Class

Arsalan – The curiosity and desire to learn that you show every single in all subjects is wonderful and sets a great example for others. You make sure to challenge yourself and work hard on your presentation. 

Zara- Since you’ve been back, you have gotten back to routine easily, producing neat, quality work, following the rules and brightening up the classroom with your presence. Gad to have you back!

Wisteria Class The whole of Wisteria are our stars this week! It has been a joy being back in the classroom with you all. Huge well done for completing your DT work this week too, you were all incredibly creative and safe using the equipment. Happy Easter!
Chestnut Class

Lyndon – for showing constantly how he listens intently in every single lesson. Not  only that, for having a great sense of humour, making everyone laugh every day.

JJ – for showing incredible enthusiasm in his learning, producing outstanding pieces of work in English, Maths, and Science.

Oak Class 

Rafael – for excellent engagement and hard work across all of his lessons and homework.

Kendra – for actively getting involved in more class discussions, offering her opinions and ideas and pushing herself more.

Forest Class Elizabeth – Despite finding maths tricky at the start of the week, you persevered, used a positive mindset and worked hard to succeed. Well done!


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