Stars of the Week 24th March 2022


Giselle – For always trying her best with her writing. Giselle’s writing has really improved since she started in Year one. She can now form letters and has a strong pencil grip. Well done Giselle.

George – For showing great listening skills and for making the right choices during learning time. This resulted in him producing some great pieces of work. Well done George.


Khalil- for his independence during English this week. He has worked hard to ensure he is including all of the sounds he can hear in a word and adding full stops at the end of his sentences.

Myles- for putting 100% effort into everything he does. He always tries to challenge himself to move onto the next task.


Evia – for having exceptional behaviour, showing and using the school values well. Also, you have been working persistently in your books with great independence and confidence.

Amira- for showing improvement in her behaviour and having a go at completing tasks with much more engagement and confidence.


Jessica and Yousef- for showing an amazing attitude to work this week. They have tried their hardest in all lessons and have also been very helpful to unfamiliar adults in the classroom.


Gulsom – for being a role model, ignoring distractions and persisting with your work. We have been so impressed with the understanding you have been showing in your work.

Jayden – for your fantastic attitude to learning and putting a great deal of effort into your work. You have really pushed yourself this week to use teacher feedback and to set yourself challenges to take your learning further.


Sheereen- For her amazing efforts in English! You demonstrated enthusiasm and engagement when looking at adventure stories and when planning your own. 

Mustafa- For working on his behaviour. All the adults have seen such a change as you have been demonstrating pro-social behaviours. I am also impressed with your handwriting as you have worked hard to improve your letter formation and joining. 


Nidhi – for her enthusiasm and curiosity as well as her determination to do better. Nidhi shows an incredible amount of effort and positivity during the lessons that enchants the whole class.

Gaurave – for his hard work in the school and at home. Gaurave reads and practices his times tables daily without skipping any days. His efforts lead him to strive in the lessons. Well done Gaurave.


Kacper – For showing that when he focuses and puts effort, he can produce good quality pieces of work. Keep it up Kacper.

Marina – demonstrates exemplary behaviour, she is well behaved and always listens to instructions. Also she has been putting good effort into her work. Well done Marina.


Umair – for settling in so well and confidently showing his brilliant knowledge 

Kristi – for working hard on his learning and trying his best in all subjects, showing his willingness to learn 


Andre- for focusing on his learning.

Ethan- for being curious about his learning and asking interesting questions.


Andrei M – For excellent reading out loud. He read with excellent fluency, great intentions and lovely emotion. Well done!

Helouise – For always checking back through her work to assist with her learning. 

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