Stars of the week 24th June

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Maya for trying her best to follow instructructions, especially during Photo Day.

Davi for being a role model for his peers, showing kindness and patience.

Acorn Class

Roman for writing the entire story of ‘Whatever next!’ during skills time. Wow Roman! 

Aisha for coping so well with your broken arm and showing resilience in all your activities. Well done Aisha! 

Andjela for working really hard on your reading and writing during Phonics. It is lovely to see your confidence grow every day. Well done Andjela!

Conker Class

Aishwarya for fantastic effort and reasoning skills in Maths. Aishwarya has been able to recognise the missing numicon and find two more and two less from the missing piece. 

Reagan for always being a joyful member of the class. Reagan loves to write and is always eager to give every writing opportunity a try! 

David for always displaying a brilliant amount of effort! David is a kind friend and is always helpful to adults. Well done!

Maple Class

Jamie – We have all been blown away by his incredible effort in our handwriting sessions the last few weeks and it’s been great in your English book!

Jessica- Your Maths this week has been outstanding. You have worked independently and used the right strategies to help you with numbers all the way up to 100! Well done!

Mulberry Class

Vihaan- for his effort in his reading this week. He has worked really hard to improve his comprehension skills which has paid off as he has now moved up to the next reading level! Great work Vihaan!

Daniel- for his persistence and hard work in his reading and phonics over the last few weeks. He is becoming more confident in sounding out and blending words when reading with an adult. Well done Daniel!

Pear Class

Zuzanna and Michonne- for continuing to work very hard during all lessons and always produce beautiful work!

Pine Class

Aahil-For being very hard working and always challenging himself in Maths! Well done!

Kevin- For being so kind, polite, helpful and hardworking all of the time!

Apple Class

Dorsa – for being so interested in Diversity Week and clearly expressing inclusive opinions during class discussions.

Lovis – for having such a positive attitude to his learning and to other children in the class.

Fatma – for consistently listening carefully and joining in during small group work.

Ash Class Abriyah, Macy and Irina for always showing kindness to their classmates, being great friends and generally awesome role models.
Beam Class

Jada – for your extraordinary prosocial behaviour during the lesson and lunchtimes. You are clearly a great role model.

Benedetta – your positive attitude and excellent prosocial behaviour every minute of the school time gives the classroom the best vibes.

Maya – for your calm personality and reading between transition of the lessons while waiting for everyone to calm down. What a great way to make the most of your time and be a positive role model.

Jessica – for your curiosity and positive attitude towards your learning. Role model for the children around you and great pupil for the adults in the classroom.

Beech Class

Yarah for developing her confidence during class discussions. You have been thumbing in and sharing your ideas consistently this week! I have been so impressed!

Yasin for continuously working hard. You are always focussed on your work and doing the right  thing. Your consistent effort and attitude to learning has not gone unnoticed! Well done!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

Humayl for trying his best and putting so much effort into his work this week.

Amelia for working hard to improve your focus in lessons and being so dedicated to your learning this week.

Willow Class / Wisteria Class

Joseph- For being calm and concentrated in lessons, working hard, being a great partner and showing pride towards his work. Keep it up!

Zara – For improving her English, producing extremely mature, well-structured pieces and showing how far she has come during Year 5.

Chestnut Class

Kuba – Because he works extremely hard in all subjects, always having high expectations of himself whilst keeping the most pristine presentation, showing that he is proud of his work. 

Liam – For working extremely hard in Maths during the time that we have been learning Algebra. This has been a tricky topic, and he has approached it every day with a positive and persistent attitude.

Oak Class 

Shivanshi – for always showing excellent oract work in class and offering her opinions and thoughts to everyone. Well done!

Caitlyn – for being wonderfully welcoming to forest class when they joined us for break and PE.

Forest Class Jayden- you have settled into Forest Class brilliantly and worked super hard every single day. Your Maths has been particularly impressive. Well done!

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