Stars of the Week 24th June 2022

Stars of the week 24th June 2022



David – for having a great phonics lesson. David was confidently saying all of his sounds and he even challenged himself and included a multisyllabic word into his sentence. Keep up the great work David.

Lily – for always using polite manners every day. Lily has been very helpful this week and has been ensuring her classroom is tidy. Well done Lily.



Amaad- for his independence in writing and persistence in his presentation.

Barney- for working hard in our maths challenges this week. He has shown great problem solving skills.



Diana – for approaching new learning opportunities with confidence and demonstrating a consistent positive attitude towards learning.

Noemi – for always completing her work independently, welcoming new tasks and seeking new opportunities.

Steve – for setting goals for personal achievement and working diligently to obtain them.



Rick- for working so hard on your independence and persevering with all of your learning. We have all been so impressed with the progress you have made

Josephine- for working so hard on your reading and writing this half term. We have been so impressed with the content and how well you are editing and improving



Hamza and Jayden – for having a positive attitude to learning this week. Well done for being much more persistent in your learning, even though you found time challenging. You’ve demonstrated curiosity in class and you’ve even taken your positivity into the playground at break times.



China – excellent attitude in class, so much positivity and enthusiasm in her phonics intervention. 

Saad- positive attitude towards his learning in class and coming in with such a bright smile.



Lovis – Rafaela – Miguel – Ibtisam – Arthur H – Fatma and Marina for their amazing work during phonics. They have shown perseverance in their learning, successful teamwork, support and kindness to each other. Well done. 



Mohammed – For turning his learning attitude completely around, working extremely hard and showing others how much he knows and is capable of. Keep it up. 



James, Ali and Wasif for their incredible behaviour during the Electric Umbrella performance on Monday. They were engaged, participating and extremely encouraging 



Krisha and Maxi – For always being present in the classroom, attentive and engaged. Well done.



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