Stars of the Week 24th February 2022


Areesha – for always giving 100% effort into everything she does and never giving up when she finds something challenging. Well done Areesha.

Emma – for working really hard with her maths learning and counting one more and one less than numbers up to 20. Well done Emma.


Aishwarya- for showing such kindness to new members of Mulberry class this week. Her actions have really made a difference to making others feel happy and included.

Danny- for working so hard on his presentation. His handwriting is clear and neat in all of his books. Keep up the good work Danny.


Lakshmi – for consistently pushing herself in her learning, for always trying her best and looking to broaden her knowledge.

Zunaira – for her fantastic contributions in English, sharing great ideas about recycling and giving strong reasons to convince us that recycling is important.


Hartley- for coming in so nicely to the classroom this week and coming in with a great, ready to learn, attitude. 

Jamie- for your wonderful contributions in lessons this week and for making incredible choices in the classroom. We are all very impressed.


Abdul Mannan – for your fantastic acting skills in English. We were so impressed by how confidently you improvised lines for a very determined Julian.

Zara – for being much more persistent in English. Well done for your amazing work writing arguments for and against and using conjunctions to justify opinions.


Briana- For her hard work and great understanding in Geography. I am really impressed with how you were able to understand and label the main layers of the Earth.

Viktoriya- For her incredible effort and attitude to learning. You are always trying your best. I am also proud of you becoming more confident to share your answers during our input.


Angela – for her honesty and bravery to tell the teacher something she has been keeping for a long time. It took her a lot of courage to take a step forward.

Ibtisam – for his hard work and perseverance in lessons to make progress. It is incredible how much effort he puts into the lessons.

Rafaela- for her hard work and perseverance in lessons to make progress. It is incredible how much effort she puts into the lessons and how amazing her independent work is becoming.


Ines – For using impressive imagery and a variety of poetic features in her Acrostic Poem about her favourite rainforest animal. Well done.

Lewis – For his hard work and focus in class.  In addition to this Lewis is a very helpful partner always ready to support and assist. Keep it up.


Samih- for always working so hard on his learning and being a fantastic year 5 role model. I was particularly impressed by Samih’s poetry and rhyme work this week in English, keep it up.

Alan- For working so independently in all of his learning this week, for asking for help when he needs it and for being so curious. He is so motivated to learn, keep it up Alan.


Avleen- For settling in brilliantly, sharing her ideas confidently and listening attentively. We are glad to have you in our class.

Szofi- For working extremely hard in her reading group, growing in confidence and sharing her knowledge. Keep it up.


Chris- for being resilient and not giving up on something he found challenging.

Presian- Gaining more confidence in talking to adults about how he is feeling


Tushita – for excellent work in PE. She followed instructions very well to ensure accuracy in technique and safety, well done.

Miguel – for making excellent progress in his English writing. Well Done.

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