Stars of the Week 23rd September 2021


Logan – For endeavouring with his handwriting this week. Logan has been trying his best and edits and improves words to make them neater. Well done Logan!

Aria- For using her manners all the time and for consistently listening and engaging in all of her learning. Well done Aria!


Danny and Jamal- For their consistent effort in all subjects this week, especially English where we have been finding nouns and adjectives in the Three Little Pigs.


Lakshmi- for her incredible effort and persistence shown this week across all subjects, but mainly in Maths. Your work is always accurate and presentable! Well done!

Natalya- for her active listening, sharing of great ideas and general engagement in all the lessons! Well done!


Quinn- For your incredible concentration and improvement in handwriting over the last few weeks! You’ve really taken your time with your work and shown great commitment towards your learning.

Rayan- for your great contributions in lessons. It’s been great to see you so focussed on your learning this term so far.


Hamza – for your persistence and positive attitude when writing your explanation text. Well done for making sure you used all the features!

Aahil – for independently editing your explanation text with blue pen and using shape-coding to check you had included all of the features!


Michonne- I am continuously amazed by your oracy during our class discussions. You are able to explain your thoughts well and develop what others have said. Also, your focus during all lessons to ensure you have completed all tasks to a high standard. 

Muhsin- I have been impressed by your understanding of expanded noun phrases. You are able to provide high quality examples due to the adjectives you have selected. Well done!


Kelly – For her outstanding piece of writing Kelly has produced by making use of all the features and grammar we had looked at previously. Kelly took the writing seriously and this can be easily seen when reading it. In addition, Kelly brings calm to the classroom when we need it the most. She remains in her seat and waits patiently and quietly for the class to be quiet.

Luca – His enthusiasm and positivity bring happiness and great vibes to the class. Luca is eager to thumb in and have a go even when he is not sure prompting others to do the same making the classroom very engaging and dynamic.


Baye- For his bravery in sticking to his opinion when he knew it was right.

Elizabeth- For her amazing contributions in Science.

Kalipa/Macy- For their positive attitude to learning and showing all of our Central learning values every day.


Jada- for being so kind and polite to everyone around her and for always doing the right thing. Well done Jada!

Nicole- for always putting 100% into everything she does and being an excellent role model to those around her, her effort doesn’t go unnoticed. Keep it up!


Alex- For being kind in every situation and always aiming to improve his behavior

Hoor-E-Jana- for taking everyone around her into consideration, caring for others and being a great example


Shay – For always showing incredible curiosity and an inquisitive mind and for asking really insightful questions. For always trying his hardest and when things become a little bit overwhelming, being able to regulate himself. 

Shriya – For being a true role model to the whole class. She puts so much care and attention to detail to her work that her presentation and the quality of her work is outstanding. 


Tushita – for alway being persistent in her learning and ensuring she completes her work to the highest possible standard.

Anvee – for always being very focused in class and being able to tune out distraction so it doesn’t affect her learning.

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