Stars of the week 22nd January

Sunflower Class

Derick – For working amazingly well on Google Classroom. The pencil control and tracing work and signing from English lessons was very impressive.  

Burhanuddin – For excellent efforts to present his work on Google Classroom!  Specially, counting the objects in a row and adding one more to the group. Fabulous work!

Acorn Class

Emma – For working really hard to find 1 more than a given number in Maths and for presenting her work beautifully.  

Aisha – For drawing a beautifully detailed picture of a flower and for paying great attention to all the different parts.

Conker Class

Roman – Fantastic work all week in every subject! Roman always presents his work brilliantly! All the adults in Conker Class love seeing Roman’s work! 

Aishwarya – For super work in every subject! Aishwarya uploads her work everyday for us to see. 

Reagan – For excellent effort in every subject! Reagan is working super hard at home! Well done!

Maple Class

Aradhya- for your incredible enthusiasm towards your learning and during our google meets sessions. Your happiness and positivity really shines through in all your learning 

Marius- for your fantastic sentences in phonics and wonderful video for music. The work you are producing at home is great. Keep it up!

Mulberry Class

Angelina- for your amazing engagement in all subjects, especially the creative work in Skills Time and the daily challenges.

Vihaan- For his amazing singing in our music lesson this week. He was able to sing in high and low pitch and give a super explanation of what pitch is!

Pear Class

Akshobhya- For showing a huge improvement in his engagement on Google Classroom and using the resources given to help him with his learning. His effort has really shown in all of his work.

Sion- For showing so much interest in our Science experiment this week! You commented on each of the progress photos of our cress plants and showed some great observational skills!

Pine Class

Benjamin- For working exceptionally hard in all subjects and engaging in all lessons on Google classroom. 

Isabella- For excellent work in English! Miss Farcas was very impressed with Isabella’s writing skills.

Apple Class

Ahmed – For his significantly improved engagement on Google Classroom and putting effort into all of his work.

Furqan – For his positive attitude to his learning and trying hard to improve his work. Furqan frequently leaves positive comments on Google Classroom!

Prisha – For putting a great deal of effort into her work across all subjects, asking for help when she needs it and using teacher feedback to improve her work.

Ash Class

Alex- for his fantastic engagement on Google classroom and detailed work submitted daily.

Lewis- for an amazing biography written and presented impeccable, this week. His work overall has been admirable.

Olivia – for showing great progress in her work and going above and beyond with her assignments.

Beam Class

Aamina-For her perseverance working on different devices as well as paper and making sure her work is handed in to us. 

Ty- For persisting and trying to complete his work even when he finds it a bit tricky. 

Oli- For putting a lot of effort in his work and trying his best with every subject.

Beech Class

Natalie- Amazing English work! You have written an excellent persuasive text with a range of grammatical features. Well done Natalie!

Adrian- Amazing effort on Google classroom, you have shown excellent understanding across a range of subjects

Walnut Class

Tehya- For becoming more active with her online learning and for excellent work in Maths.

David – For showing such dedication to his home learning, completing all the work to such a high standard and putting 100% effort into everything he does..

Willow Class

Joe- For becoming more engaged on Google classroom, taking responsibility for his own learning, reading teacher’s comments and editing and improving his work. 

Charlie- For becoming more active with his online learning, producing work with neat layout, answering all the questions and really keeping himself on top of his tasks.

Wisteria Class

Riley for showing such dedication to his learning from the beginning of school closure. He puts 100% effort into all subjects and although working from home, it does not show in the amount of work he completes.

Maxi for showing dedication to his learning, putting lots of effort in and for responding to feedback promptly. 

Krisha for her fantastic Math work. Krisha decided during parents evening that she wanted to make sure she reached higher level questions in Math. Her effort has made sure she is reaching these questions and challenging herself!

Chestnut Oak

Kendra because as she prefers to do her work on a book, she uploads pictures of pretty much everything she does. She also watches the videos all the time and marks her work exactly like she would in class (with a blue pen!)

Lili-Anna – She is finding some work tricky but has shown excellent persistence in Maths and completed her assignments brilliantly.

Trey- His Guided Reading work has been outstanding. We know it’s hard to focus and read on a screen every day but he tries so hard and pays attention to details, completing his work to an excellent standard. 

Oak Class 

Aoife– for excellent art pieces across the week. She has a fantastic eye for art and design.

Shavon and Lily – for consistently producing quality work on Google classroom and really trying their best in every subject.

Forest Class

Afsha- for consistently producing high quality work in every subject and trying her best every single day!

Kaja- for having such an enthusiastic attitude to learning and excellent work on apostrophes.

Red Group

Ebeneezer – For having such a brilliant attitude to learning all week. It has been lovely to see Ebeneezer look after the younger children. 

Victor – For trying really hard with all his learning this week. Victor has interacted really nicely with the new children to Red Group.

Blue Group

Avnee- For being an absolute pleasure to teach every day. Avnee was hardworking, kind, polite and generally amazing! 

Elizabeth- For being really independent, hard working  and showing amazing knowledge of how to use Google classroom!

Green Group

Lennon – For fantastic maths work. He has really impressed me with his hard work and quick thinking and how competent he is with his work. 

Meha – She has an excellent work ethic. She works incredibly hard and independently. She has also produced some great origami work this week.

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