Stars of the week 22nd April

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Maya is star of the week for becoming more independent in self care.

Raafiya is star of the week for joining in activities with enthusiasm.Especially in Dance.

Acorn Class

Andjela for working really hard on her counting and showing a great attitude to her learning! 

Roman for working really hard on sounding out his own words and then recording these sounds in the correct order.

Conker Class

Aishwarya – For always being an excellent role model in class! Aishwarya is always a super friend to everyone and cheers everyone on in class! Well done!

Barney – For having such great knowledge and understanding of life cycles! Barney is always keen to share his wonderful knowledge. 

Burhan – For being a fantastic writer! I was blown away by Burhan’s sentences and independence! Keep it up!

Maple Class

Vincent- For his fantastic effort in improving his handwriting and his kindness towards the other children in class.

Viaan- For his great contributions in lessons this week with our Similes and his lovely work in Phonics and History

Mulberry Class

Steve- For always having a positive attitude towards his work. He has been working hard on his sentence writing and it is definitely paying off!

Diana- For her amazing work in English this week. She has written such creative similes about her family members using imaginative adjectives.

Pear Class

Zuzanna- For having such a positive attitude in the classroom and towards her learning. She always gets on with her work and gives it so much effort.

David A- For his amazing work in Math and English this week and working more independently.

Pine Class

Kevin- For trying so hard with his handwriting and making sure his writing is joined up. We are so proud of the progress you have made!

Khadijah- For trying really hard and working independently. Both your Writing and Maths work has really improved. We are very proud of you!

Edward- You try so hard and share so much amazing knowledge! Your contributions in class discussions are always well thought through. Well done Edward!

Apple Class

Fatma for being more confident and thumbing in during different lessons! Well done for also having such a positive attitude to your independent work.

Arthur for your incredible understanding of plants in science. Your explanations of what a plant needs to survive and the function of its different parts were amazing!

Tiffany for persevering in maths this week! You have tried so hard challenging yourself to understand converting measurements and using decimals this week.

Ash Class

Rida- for her hard word and effort she puts in every single lesson. Your independent work is always accurate and completed to a high standard. She has also been so kind helping our new peer with her work.

Lewis- for working much more confidently in his books, being so helpful with his desk partner and engagement in the lessons.

Pranavram- has really worked hard and engaged in all our Maths lessons being always the first one to complete all the tasks correctly! Well done for avoidin

Beam Class

Aamina – For communicating and talking to her friends in order to sort out an argument. Communication is key and being mature enough to talk and solve problems is a skill for life, well done Aamina!

Aminah – For being mature and communicating with friends to solve issues between them. Now you are all happy and friends. Forgiveness is so important to keep us happy.

Zofia – For being open-minded and embracing new children to play. You showed forgiveness and now you and your friends are extremely happy. Well done.

Beech Class

Hadisa- For your amazing non-chronological report, you were able to add relevant information under each sub-heading. Also, I was really impressed by the ideas you suggested to add to our non-chronological report. 

Miriam- I was really impressed by your participation in our current Maths topic-shapes. You not only participated during class discussions but demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding. Well done!

Walnut Class Beth- You have gained so much confidence over the last few weeks. It has been lovely to see you contributing more to class discussions with such well thought out ideas and comments. You give every lesson 100% and have produced some spectacular art work this week as well! Well done Beth!
Willow Class

Shannon- For working hard, especially in maths and shining that enthusiasm about learning around you. We really like your attitude, you set a great example! 

Luke- You have begun to share your ideas more freely and they are wonderful! The questions you ask are always interesting and relevant and show us how brilliantly your mind works, please keep it up!

Wisteria Class

Tobias- for his amazing effort in Maths. He has worked incredibly hard to consolidate his learning of measurement and has worked independently very often this week!

Yashika- for always trying her very best and for contributing to lessons with clear, thought out answers.

Chestnut Class

Kendra – For being an excellent role model: a sensible and responsible young lady. She always gets on with her work and particularly in our fluency, she is starting to remember everything we are recapping every day.

Kuba – Not only is he a mature, respectful young man, he is also an extremely hard-working pupil. This week particularly, he has excellent in Maths. We have found Area and Perimeter particularly tricky, but Kuba smashed through it!

Oak Class 

Nathaniel – for working incredibly hard in English to improve his sentence structure and taking the time to go back and edit his work. Well Done!

Arwin – Well done for settling back into the rhythm of school at central and making an effort to complete your work to a good standard.

Forest Class Sarang- for keeping up to date with his page numbers, titles and contents pages in ALL of his books! Fantastic independence Sarang well done!


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