Stars of the Week 21st October 2021

Stars of the week 21st October


Welbeck – For persisting with his phonics and not giving up. Welbeck is trying really hard to recognise and write his phonics sounds. When he gets confused or is unsure he will ask for help and then try again. He always has a smile on his face too! I am proud of you Welbeck!

Reagan – Has worked really hard with her maths learning this week with the number 8. She has been able to write number sentences up to 8 and even when she was unsure she double checked using her fingers and numicons. You are a great mathematician!! 


Aishwarya-For her amazing progress in her writing! Aishwarya is working hard on using her phonics in her writing and ensuring that she is using finger spaces consistently. Keep up the good work! 

Malaika- For being a super role model to the other children in Mulberry class. She is always ready for learning and puts a lot of effort into her pieces of work. 


The whole class for their amazing teamwork skills demonstrated in our DT unit while making bread. Everyone has been working sensibly, with care and helping each other. Moreover , they showed great cooking skills (cutting, kneading, mixing).


Hartley – For your fantastic, independent writing in extended writing this week. We are so proud of all your hard work and thoroughly enjoyed reading your character description. 

Diyana – For your great work pon number bonds in maths and trying really hard with your subtraction number sentences. 


Edward – for your significantly improved focus and persistence in all lessons. Well done for being much more confident and for frequently sharing your brilliant ideas with the class!

Elsa – for making sure you ask for help when you need it and always being persistent in your independent work!


Sion- His participation and understanding in lessons. You are constantly able to recall key information demonstrating excellent listening and understanding. Well done!

Sheereen- You have been working extremely hard to work independently alongside demonstrating good listening skills shown by your participation in lessons. Well done!


The whole class for the incredible effort put into this half term, the amazing progress each child has made and the amount of kindness shown over the term. Well done Beam Class!!


Khalipa – For working incredibly hard across all lessons, showing great persistence. Khalipa also displays our school values very well and is a role model to all of his peers.

Shaya – 


Nadira- for making such amazing progress this term. Nadira started the term with very little English but has flourished and has persisted in all her learning, showing such excellent progress. Well done Nadira!

Adnyan- Well done Adyan for his outstanding English writing over the past two week. He always puts 100% into all of his work and it shows. Well done Adnyan. 


Nicole – For being a brilliant teamplayer and showing excellent hockey skills in PE

Anne-Marie – Working incredibly hard in maths and staying positive despite the challenges.


James – Because he is always helpful, he always makes us laugh, he works ever so hard every day and he is always thinking outside the box in every creative and challenging ways.

Ryan – Because even though Long division has been tricky for many people in the class, he is absolutely smashing it! He is keeping his work neat, which helps him work through the questions very methodically. 


Raphael – For always showing wonderful active listening which is an important part of oracy. He is always engaged with whatever a teacher or fellow student is saying and it clearly affects his learning positively.

Zara – For excellent persuasive English work. She has included all the necessary features and written some very interesting sentences, playing around with sentence length and punctuation. A delight to read.

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