Stars of the Week 20th May 2022

Stars of the week 19th May 2022


Aria – for writing a great piece of non – fiction text about bats. She used all of her writing features and included everything in her writing checklist. Well done Aria I really enjoyed reading it.

Lily – for Kindness. She has been sharing resources on the playground and using kind words to the other children. She always tries to make people feel happy if they are feeling a little sad. She always has a smile on her face. 


Roman- For his persistence in his division work in our Maths lessons this week.  He has worked really hard to grasp the concept of sharing equally and is now able to complete questions and challenges independently. Well done Roman.

Agnes- for challenging herself in Maths this week. She came into the school week later than the rest of the class due to absence but has shown determination in catching up and has even completed challenge questions independently. Keep up the good work Agnes. 


Steve- for his great sewing skills, joining fabric using running stitch and adding detailing with beads to his finger puppet in DT. He has also shown kindness to his peers and helped them massively during this sewing lesson.

Angelina- for consistent neat handwriting in all her books. She makes sure her date and title are always underlined, prints on the line, spaces words correctly and her pages are so clean and tidy. It is a pleasure to read your writing.


Viaan- for working really hard on your independence with your writing and checking yourself for any grammatical errors. You are really showing a great understanding of the unit and using lovely vocabulary. 

Renny- for your incredible discussions in class and for sharing your feelings so beautifully when needed


Alice – for showing curiosity in many different subjects. You are so enthusiastic about your learning and keen to share your ideas. You make sure to have a go independently before asking an adult for help.

Benjamin – for your independence and persistence. We are especially impressed by the understanding you have shown of fractions in maths and how you have pushed yourself to get onto challenge questions.


Raeesha- excellent contribution towards maths. Raeesha has really started to shine bright in our maths lessons and she has started to connect the dots and really owning her learning. 

Michonne- Excellent presentation and taking pride in her learning and for wowing us with her amazing explanation text in English which is currently on our wow board.


Sara – for continuously showing kindness and hard work. Sara always knows what to do to allow everyone to learn in the class as well as her tremendous effort to improve her work. She is a role model for the class.

Dorsa – for her perseverance to improve and increase her work. The effort to do better is clear and the result is amazing.

Absolutely amazing attitude towards her learning.


Prince- for demonstrating a growth mind-set in English, actively seeking feedback and ways to improve his work. 

Mica – For excellent dedication to all her work in all the topics. You are a great learning role model for your peers.

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