Stars of the week 20th May 2021

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Mihira is the star of the week for gaining more confidence in herself and willing to contribute more in lessons.

Leah is the star of the week for always being polite and kind to her friends.

Acorn Class

Labeeb for being a really kind and caring member of Acorn class. Labeeb often makes his own ‘star of the week’ certificates and Affirmation cards for his friends. Well done Labeeb; this one is for you! 

Carys for working really hard in her phonics lessons. Carys has made a lot of progress and always has a big smile on her face. Well done! 

Welbeck for working really hard to retell the story, ‘Walking through the jungle’. Well done! 

Conker Class

Victor – for  trying really hard to learn new vocabulary and use this when he is talking! Victor is also starting to speak a lot more which is lovely to hear. Well done!

Kaashvi – for always being brilliantly well behaved! Kaashvi also tries really hard in skills and is a pleasure to have in the class! Well done!

Lillian – for always having a smile on her face! Lillian tries really hard with Phonics. Well done Lillian!

Maple Class

Rayan- for becoming more confident and joining in with class discussions!

Rick- for participating more in our inputs and thumbing in to share his ideas. Keep it up!

Mulberry Class

Andrei- for his persistence in his sentence writing this week. You have been working very hard to write independently. Well done!

Moiz- great work in English this week, you had some imaginative ideas and have worked hard to include full stops and capital letters in your work!

Pear Class

Aaira- For participating so much more during the lessons and thumbing in to share her amazing ideas and answers!

Arthur- For his great work and effort in Math this week! You showed good knowledge during our fluency tasks each day!

Pine Class

Elsa- For working incredibly hard to join her handwriting and present her work beautifully! Well done!

Newsha- For always working so hard, engaging in all learning, being kind to her friends and generally a pleasure to have in Pine class.

Apple Class Granny Smith Table (Vanessa, Umair, Tiffany, Nidhi, Kelly and Alan) for, in the words of the rest of the children in Apple, being role models, always being ready, being quiet, thumbing in, working hard and working well together!
Ash Class

Daniel- for your effort and commitment shown in Maths, this week! You have worked extremely hard independently and displayed a good behaviour in the class.

Sienna- for persevering with independent work, ignoring distractions! You have also been a super-helper this week!

Beam Class

Benedetta – for your exceptional behaviour and attitude towards your learning. You continuously show such mature behaviour in each lesson and take so much pride in your work. Well done Benedetta.

Jada – Excellent attitude in the lessons. Jada, you have taken so much pride in your work for so long now and the presentation in your books is stunning. What a delight to have you in the classroom.

Beech Class

Pranavi- Well done for demonstrating excellent orcay skills this week! You have been thumbing in during all lessons and providing good reasoning for your answers alongside listening well to others. 

Alfie- For good effort in Maths. This week we have been learning time, which can be quite difficult. However, you persevered when answering the questions and during class input. Well done!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

Adenike – For all her hard work in English this week and being the queen of formal language 

Shriya- For supporting the learning in music and learning her knowledge of musical skills

Willow Class / Wisteria Class

Beau – For improving in his handwriting, working incredibly hard and always setting himself higher goals 

Ernestina – Settling beautiful in her new class, thumbing in, being responsible and respectful and celebrating others and their ideas

Chestnut Class

Amin – because he is a master puppeteer! In our rehearsals, he has absolutely blown us away. Maneuvering a puppet requires outstanding listening skills – as the puppet’s voice and the puppeteer is not the same person – so getting all the body language right is truly a challenging job!

Julia G – because during this week, when there have been so many changes in our routine, she has stayed sensible throughout. When she hasn’t been rehearsing a scene with the class, she has used her learning time meaningfully at all times.

Oak Class 

Aoife – Aoife has been working incredibly hard in PE to develop her throwing, catching and striking skills. Her focus has really developed and she is becoming more and more consistent with each lesson. Well Done!

Rares and Liam – For their work on the puppet project. These two have shown excellent focus and maturity while rehearsing this past week. They know all of their queues, they are showing great attention to detail and are working hard every day. Well done!

Forest Class Elliott-for persisting in learning activities and never giving up. Well done and keep it up!

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