Stars of the Week 20th January 2022


Ayan – for settling into Maple class so well. He always has a smile on his face and always wants to try his best. He really endeavoured with his numbers to 10 this week. Well done Ayan.

Faridah – Faridah was a little sad coming to school to begin with and now she is smiling and playing and joining in with activities. Well done Faridah.


Huda- for having a great first week in Mulberry class, especially her work in our phonics sessions. Keep up the good work.

Chelsea- for a fantastic first week in Year 1, she has been a super addition to Mulberry Class and was a great demonstrator during our gymnastic lesson this week. 


Hashir – for his amazing contributions in all the lessons this week, especially Science and Geography. You have been thumbing in and sharing relevant ideas in those lessons. 

Noemi – for being extremely engaged and interested in our new Phonics sessions. You have also been showing curiosity and persistence across all the lessons.


Jennifer- Well done for your amazing work in Maths and English this week. You ideas have been great and it’s been wonderful to see you in class every day and sharing your wonderful ideas. 

Cason- It’s been lovely having you join us in Pine Class and you’ve been working so hard on your independence. Seeing you settle in has been great.


Zoe – for being much more confident in maths and showing excellent understanding of our strategy to divide 2-digit by 1-digit numbers. Well done for being independent and using resources and excellent presentation to help you.

Hamza – for identifying and using the key grammatical features of our text. We have been so impressed by your understanding of how to choose effective verbs to make your writing more interesting.


Raeesah- For always being on task when working independently and consistently trying your best. Well done.

Owais- For working hard to be in on time in order to complete our morning activities. We have noticed a big difference in your efforts to ensure that your handwriting and spellings are completed. Well done.


Ibtisam –  for settling in his new classroom and making new friends. Ibtisam is making a huge effort to learn and his enthusiasm is impressive.

Arthur – for his amazing piece of writing he has produced. Arthur felt very proud of how much he wrote and even said he has never written that much before. Well done”!


Daniel-for  his persistence in his work in every subject this week, even when he found it tricky.

Kacper – for his curiosity about the world around him, and willingness to share his knowledge of mini-beasts with his classmates – he’s found his passion.


Megan- For being so persistent in maths and for taking her own time to become confident in multiplying using the column method, keep it up.

Alex- For working really hard in maths and for being a good friend by offering to help others when he is finished, well done Alex.

Izabela- For having excellent contributions to guided reading discussion, her answers are always so well thought out and interesting, keep it up Izabela.


Prince – For overcoming obstacles and being persistent and brave in gymnastics, trying his hardest.

Fateha- For excellent science work and magnificent usage of key vocabulary in her answers 


Tehya for her incredible persistence and effort in swimming.

Amalia for her kindness towards others and helpfulness and supportive attitude towards her classmates.

Akinsa for a being a fantastic role model, working hard in every lesson and always trying her best to create work of excellent quality and presented beautifully.


Maxi – for excellent creativity in his writing this week and ensuring he includes all the features needed.

Peter – for a very strong couple of days of school work. He has been engaged, focused, and attentive, all while showing great pro-social behaviours. 

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