Stars of the week 1st March 2021

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Our first star of the week is… Adedapo!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Adedapo is working so well at sharing the toys with his friends and taking turns. Well done Adedapo for showing this positive attitude by sharing the resources between other children. That is a super star behaviour!


Our next star of the week is… Raafiyah! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The teachers in the class are very impressed with Raafiyah’s behaviour in the family group. Well done Raafiyah for showing good sitting and listening carefully during the lessons.

You really are a star!


Acorn Class

For being absolute superstars on Google Classroom! 

It has been lovely to see all their hard work!

Well done Aisha, Mihails, Emma and Georgia 🙂

Conker Class

Whole of Conker Class – There has been so much excellent work on Google Classroom! It has been amazing seeing how much effort you all put into your work! Well done!

Sumaya – For always interacting on the class stream! It is so lovely hearing your voice on so many matters! Well done!

Maple Class To all of Maple Class! We have been amazed by your hard work and positivity throughout this lockdown. You have worked hard every day and really tried your hardest. We can’t wait to see you all work this fantastically next week when we are back 🙂
Mulberry Class To all of Mulberry for all of the amazing effort and hard work you have put into your work on Google Classroom. All of the Mulberry adults are so proud of you!
Pear Class The whole of Pear Class for being so engaging on Google Classroom and showing an enthusiasm for your learning! It has been amazing to see all the hard work you have put into your learning.
Pine Class

To all of Pine class for being amazing super stars during the whole time of remote learning. We are so proud of you all!

Edward- Last week, you blew us away in the class assembly with your amazing Oracy skills. Well done Edward!

Khadijah- We have been so impressed with your hard work and efforts! Well done Khadijah we are very proud of you!

Harshan- For attending every class meeting and handing in all work! You always come to every meeting with brilliant questions and have such lovely manners. Well done!

Apple Class

Aaron – For joining in with all our class meets, persevering with your work, and always sharing your home learning and creative challenges with us in pictures and comments!

Ayesha – For always persisting with your work. We have been especially impressed by the brilliant mathematical thinking you have shown in your working out over the past weeks!

Ash Class Everyone in Ash class deserves to be a Star of the week. They’ve been showing resilience, persistence and fantastic effort to complete their work over the past lockdown!
Beam Class Being engaged with Google Classroom, trying your best to complete the work, taking our comments on board and editing your work, putting a lot of effort and being dedicated to your remote learning!  Well done!
Beech Class Whole of Beech Class- You have all done amazing on Google classroom. I am so proud of all the great learning produced and can’t wait to continue this in the classroom. Well done!
Walnut Class Everyone in Walnut Class deserves star of the week this week!  Ms Boardman and I have been incredibly proud of all the amazing work that you have produced over the last few weeks, and how you have shown such a commitment to your learning every day. Well done!
Willow Class

Our Star of the Week is Julia- 

Having you in Willow has been such a pleasure. Not only are you always in a positive mood, you work hard and share your lovely ideas freely with your peers. You are considerate towards others and are ready to help anyone who needs assistance.

The whole of Willow wishes you all the best in your future adventures! We will miss seeing your bright smile every morning!

Wisteria Class The whole of wisteria class for working incredibly hard on google classroom, engaging in our google meets and keeping high spirits throughout! It’s been an absolute pleasure to have shared this strange experience with you all and we can’t wait to see you back in the classroom!
Chestnut Class Once more, I would like to choose the whole of Chestnut class – every week, day in and day out, they have shown incredible commitment to their learning. Their resilience, hard work and their hilarious sense of humor have got us through these weeks in the best way possible. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch!! Well done to every single one of you.
Oak Class  The whole of Oak class- Miss Merinde and I are ever so proud of the work you have all produced over this past lockdown, you should be proud of the attitude you have shown towards your own learning. Well done!
Forest Class

Mya-I have been extremely impressed by all of your hard work during our penguin themed English topic especially your brilliant story map. Very well done! 

Baye- I have been incredibly impressed by your enthusiasm during our nature topic this week. It has been lovely to see all of your hard work!

Red Group All of red bubble for working incredibly hard and making us smile every day. You have worked brilliantly on your phonics this week and you’re great nature activities.
Blue Group All of Blue group- I am so proud of how you have created such a great team within the blue group, always being helpful and kind towards each other and working so hard every day. I have had so much fun this week!
Green Group

George – for an excellent first week at school, you have settled in very well and have been a lovely addition to the green group. 

Hashim – Mrs Goman and I are very proud of the independance you have shown during your time in the green group. You should be very proud of how far you have come.

Purple Group

Rennie – for his kindness and caring behaviour shown towards others in the classroom. He was also dedicated and completed his work independently everyday.

China – for showing progress in completing her work independently. She also showed good manners this week.

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