Stars of the week 1st July

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the week!

Sunflower Class

Burhanuddin for using his Phonics knowledge to read the names of his peers.

Derick for showing good listening skills in his family group.

Acorn Class

Arwen – For fantastic writing and reading this week. It has been lovely to watch Arwen get to know the children in the class. Well done! 

Logan – For trying really hard to engage in Mathematical activities this week. It has been lovely to see Logan concentrating and trying his best. Excellent!

Conker Class

Esah – For a massive improvement in his engagement in class! Esah has recently started to thumb in more frequently. Esah is always smiling and a pleasure to have in the class. Good work!

Roman – For trying really hard with his behaviour and making new friends ready for September. It has been fantastic to watch Roman applying himself to learning. Fantastic! 

Esther – For always being a kind, helpful and supportive friend. Esther is always first to help at tidy up time which is a fantastic help. Well done Esther!

Maple Class

Kanishka- for your wonderful ideas in English this week and for finding some wonderful rhyming words for your writing

Sufyan-Ali- for your great drawings this week of the owl babies

Mulberry Class

Noemi- For her great rhyming work this week in English!

Odin- For his good listening skills in guided reading! He has been able to answer lots of comprehension questions!

Pear Class

David A- For showing more independence in class and participating more during class lessons!

Manasvi- For your amazing information text “All About Watford”.  You wrote great sentences using subordinating conjunctions, quantifying determiners and questions. Well done!

Pine Class

Thea- We have been so blown away this year how kind, hard-working and polite Thea has been every day! 

Sofia- For always working hard and completing work to a very high standard. Well done Sofia for being so conscientious!

Apple Class

Masha – for confidently sharing your understanding of how to work out addition and subtraction calculations with the rest of the class, and being very persistent with solving problems independently.

Aaron – for closely following the modelling of running and cross stitch and being confident to sew independently. Well done for producing such consistent stitches!

Ash Class

Marina – for working really hard and independently in Maths, showing progress in Wordshark and great sewing skills in DT. Well done!

Sethmi- for overcoming her fears and perseverance in Maths.

Beam Class

Athvik – for trying extremely hard to thumb in and waiting patiently for your turn. You really worked on your oracy rules this week and we are so proud of you. Well done and keep working hard!

Alex – for doing your best to keep silent during the lessons and bringing amazing ideas in Geography. Well done Alex, keep this up!

Beech Class

Hoor-E-Janat- Your enthusiasm for learning has been amazing, not only did you demonstrate this in the classroom but you also took your learning further at home. You produced amazing science work, which included additional keywords that we did not learn in the classroom.  Well done!

Nicole- Your engagement and focus in our Maths lesson has been fantastic! This was specifically shown when multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000s, which was quite challenging. However, Nicole was able to solve a range of calculations demonstrating superb knowledge.  Well done!

Walnut Class / Wisteria Class

Chris- For working so hard on your reading this, we are so impressed with the huge amount of effort that you have put in. 

Luke- Your work in English this week  was amazing, you were really focussed and persistent and gave 100% to bring your ideas to life.

Willow Class / Wisteria Class

Meha – for working hard and giving 100% in all subjects

Toviah – for being extremely considerate towards others and shining at asking big questions

Chestnut Class

Chafik- For turning this week around and being really focused – particularly in Maths and Guided Reading. When he concentrates, he truly blows anyone away with his work!

Lily H – For being an excellent role model to the class, for trying really hard to get along with everybody, for never giving up and always trying her best at all times, even when she finds things tricky!

Oak Class  All of Oak class – Nominated by Mrs Duffy for always being incredibly polite, kind and helpful during their lunch time, as well as wonderful company. Well done Oak!
Forest Class Afsha- for consistently great effort and hard work especially in maths and writing. You have demonstrated excellent commitment to learning and brilliant independence. Well done!

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